Devotion House

Devotion House puts a twist on the wounded hero genre and a different spin on how disabled characters are portrayed in fiction.

Our leading men are sexy, smart and strong.

But spandex, cowls and capes are not secretly hidden in the back of their closets. They possess zero superhuman abilities. No telekinesis. No mind control. No X-ray vision. No force fields. No invincibility. No phasing through solid matter without harm. And they certainly cannot defy gravity. Never will you find them soaring high above the city, fighting super villains in the starry night’s sky.

Our heroes can’t fly. 

Some of them can’t even walk.

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters report found that disabled “individuals are viewed as the objects of pity, and depicted as having the same attributes and characteristics no matter what the disability may be.”

Despite fictional literature’s fervour to explore the far reaches of human experience, disability is for the most part disregarded, or at best pushed to the margins. Disabled protagonists are few and far between.

Here at Devotion House, we are dedicated to breaking down stereotypes and paying tribute to imperfect heroes with physical disabilities.