WEEK 21: Another sleepless night

Prompted by: Amanda Siegrist


So damn bright.

Like looking into the sun.


Instinctively, I reach up to shield my face.

It’s too late.


The impact sends my neck whipping backward.

We’re dead.

As shrapnel tears through my flesh, blood spurting into my eyes…

I know.

I just know.

We’re all dead.

It feels as if my bones have turned to metal and someone has smashed my skull in with a sledgehammer.


I wake up in a cold sweat, heart racing, throat on fire.

It’s not real.

And it takes me a solid minute to realize where I am.

It’s not fucking real.

My ears aren’t ringing. I’m not lying in a crumpled heap on the ground. The pungent smell of copper is nothing but a distant memory. The gritty taste of dirt is only my imagination.

Because it’s not fucking real.

It’s gonna be another sleepless night. I’m no stranger to those. But there’s one difference now…


She’s here.

“Are you okay?”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

17 thoughts on “WEEK 21: Another sleepless night

      1. You’re welcome, Mistress Ann, and thank YOU for always writing such awesomeness for us to read!! I seriously wait anxiously all week every week to read what you write next!!

        Lots of love and hugs for you!!

    1. I do it cuz I can. And cuz I’m a butthead. And cuz you kinda sorta like it. Errr, I hope 😛

      Translation: I don’t currently have time to spend longer than 5 mins on flash fiction hahaha…haha…ha…

      *sobs uncontrollably*

      Fantabulous suggestions as usual, Miss (Reader) Laura! Thank youuu!!!


  1. Excellent, once again, Mistress Ann! And yay, it was my prompt this week:)

    “You have to be quiet.”
    “I can’t anymore.”

  2. I am bad at fiding comments.

    Sparkle Eyes and the Special snowflake
    The day the romance died
    The girl who loved her
    Input love, a robot’s first crush

  3. Yesterday’s coming fast
    Bleeding hearts (or Harts…see what I did there?) unite
    I’m on a boat!
    Thunder rolls in the distance
    A one lane country road
    A mask on the night stand

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