HART OF HIS: Advanced Reviewer Sign-Ups

Dear wickedly loyal readers,

I’m hoping to have some reviews for Hart of His upon its release. If you are interested in an Advanced Reviewer Copy (ARC)…

1. Leave a comment below with your preferred format (ePubMobi or PDF)

2. Send an email to author@anniearcane.com confirming your request

3. ARCs will be sent out on September 30th, 2016

 Reviews must be posted on both Goodreads & Amazon.com

 You need to have written a review for Hart Broken as well

Couldn’t do it without you awesome possums! Thank you!!



Note: My books are also listed on Kobo for readers where Amazon is not available.

48 thoughts on “HART OF HIS: Advanced Reviewer Sign-Ups

    1. Miss Monica! You’re so darn quick!!! Haha I’ve put you down for a PDF, ma’am! Thanks so much!! Hugs, Ann.

  1. Hi Miss Ann

    It would be a privilege to be an advance reader 😃😆😃😆😃😆!

    Please put me on the list for an epub version !
    (Throws skittles your way 😉😉😉)

    1. Aiya! You’re lightening fast too, Miss Gabi! 😀 ePub is yours, ma’am!! *collects fallen skittles* Thank you! Hugs, Ann.

    1. ePub is yours, kiddo! I would’ve hunted you down had you not signed up. You were the 1st to review Hart Broken, after all! 😉 Hugs, Ann.

  2. Oh my, I want one! The ARCs will be out 19 days after my birthday. I call that success. xD

    ePub, please!

  3. I really hope I’m not late to sign up for this. May I have it in epub format?
    Eeeeee I am so excited!

    1. Aww, Yamna! Of course, you’re not too late. In fact, I’m ridiculously early *smirks* ePub is yours! And I’m super excited too!! XD Hugs, Ann.

    1. You and me both, Miss Catherine! ePub is yours, of course!! And thank you again for the amazingly thorough review of Hart Broken!! Hugs, Ann.

    1. Aiya, Miss Lauren! *blushes* Thank you very much!! I’ll put you down for an ePub because I think pdf is ugly as all heck LOL Hugs, Ann.

  4. I’m totally in, Annie! No way I would miss this! I’ll post on my blog, Amazon and GR if you send PDF my way!

    1. Yessss, of course! A pdf copy is all yours, Miss Kayla!! Thank you again for your super insightful and thorough review of Hart Broken! Hugs, Ann.

    1. Consider it done, Miss Christine! ePub is all yours 😀 And WOW! Thank you very, very much for the kind words!! Hugs, Ann

  5. Hi Annie! Yeah, so um . . . . Technically I am under the radar, but I read ‘Hart Broken’ the other night and found myself needing more! Brilliantly written . . . So, I am asking for a .MOBI and a little rebellion seems the way to go with your writing. Don’t the status quo stop you.

    1. Miss Haddie! Wow. Thank you sooo much for the incredibly thorough review of Hart Broken.!! And, of course, I would be honored to have you advance read! Mobi is yours!! Hugs, Ann

      P.S. – *stabs status quo with my pen and spits on it* 😛

  6. I would love to get my Kindle on one too! Pub please! Just finished Hart Broken and will gladly post reviews 🙌

    1. Thank you, Miss Desiree! I appreciate it!! Would you mind sending me an email to confirm? And so I know where I’m sending the ARC later 😉 Hugs, Ann

      UPDATE: Email addy received. ePub mobi is all yours 🙂

  7. Hi….Just finished Hart Broken and I LOVED IT!!!!! Please can I have a chance to review Hart of His???? ePub please.
    Thank you, Kathleen

    1. Miss Kathleen, I’m delighted that you loved HB! And yes, an ePub of HoH has your name on it 😉 Hugs,Ann

  8. Hey Ann,
    This would be my official request for an ARC please? I prefer the hand bound edition by your squirrel army 😉 or the version that works on Kindle, if the squirrels are too cranky to hand make a copy for me.

    1. Hmm *looks at squirrel army* I dunno, Miss LesleyLu5. Not sure these critters will have a paw-bound one done in time 😛 Mobi is all yours, ma’am! Hugs, Ann.

  9. Please send me an ARC when it’s available. ePub for my trusty Kobo reader. I CAN’T WAIT!

    1. Done and done, Miss Lara! 😀 It would be my absolute honor to have you advanced RnR!! ePub is all yours, ma’am! Hugs, Ann.

  10. I loved Hart broken I would love to read Hart of his. I’ll review both gladly. And I think Kindle is epub if not I’ll use moon reader lol

    1. Miss Serena! *claps excitedly* I’m delighted that you loved HB!! And I’d love for you to advanced RnR HoH too. Would you send me an email to confirm? And so I know where I’m sending the ARC to later? 😛 Thanks!! Hugs, Ann

  11. Just read Hart Broken. Can honestly say one of my most favorite reads in a long time. Ready for round 2. Hopefully not 2 late for an arc copy. Love being able to give honest reviews. Pdf for kindle please..
    Reviewer jjp0616

    1. Miss Jenny! Wow. Thank you for the kind words about HB!! You are certainly not too late for HoH (I’m actually super duper early hahaha). Would you please send me a confirmation email so I know where to send the ARC later? 😉 Hugs, Ann

  12. I’ll take a Mobi file! You need a follow button for your blog. Am I missing it? I found a workaround through my blogger dashboard.

    1. Miss Nicky! A mobi is all yours!! Obviously!!! I’ll probably be pestering you before then anyway 😉 Hugs, Ann

      P.S. – I shall work on the follow button. I thought FB would be enough. But methinks you’re right!!

  13. Such an interesting book. I cannot wait to read their continued story. Yes, I would love to read Hart of His in mobi, please. I have left reviews & sent links in an email. Thanks!

    1. Miss Andi! Thank you again for your feedback!! Super duper helpful!!! And of course, a mobi is all yours 🙂 Hugs, Ann.

  14. Really enjoyed Hart Broken (as was rather obvious in my review on GR), so would be super if I could get an early peek at Hart of His! Pretty please?
    Normally reading books on the Kindle app on my iPad (so .mobi) although that app is not very convenient for sending feedback in case I find any typos etc (the curse of being an editor for a corporate magazine…), so if you think any other format is better for that happy to take it. Thanks!

    1. Miss Anna! Thank you for the review!! So happy you loved HB!!! And, yesss, an ARC of HoH is all yours. An ePub would work well since you have iBooks on your iPad. Um…I’m gonna email you now…hahahaha!! Much appreciated!! Hugs, Ann.

  15. I loved reading Hart Broken! I would love to get an ARC of Hart Of His!

    Pdf please 🙂

    1. Thank you, Miss Ashley! Would you please send me a confirmation email so I know where to send the pdf later? Much appreciated! 🙂 Hugs, Ann.

  16. I really enjoyed reading and sharing my thoughts on Hart Broken and would love an ARC of Hart of His. ePub please. 😉

    1. Hooray, Miss Mica! Would you please send me a confirmation email so I know where to send the pdf later? Many thanks! Hugs, Ann.

      UPDATE: Email addy received. Pdf is all yours 😀

    1. Hahaha, Miss Savannah! I LOVE the enthusiasm!! EPUB it is! Thank you sooo much!! Hugs, Ann.

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