WEEK 20: Are you sure?

Prompted by: LesleyLu5


Digging my fingers into his arm, I hang on for dear life.

He called me kiddo.

My voice sounds distant, feels foreign on my tongue, “You remember my nickname.”

He’s silent for a long moment. So long I’m convinced that he might never speak again.

It doesn’t matter. I’ve waited ten years. I’ll wait forever.

At last, he chokes out, “I remember everything about you.”

My breath catches. My heart stutters. My knees go weak in an instant.


I stiffen my spine. Circle around to stand in front of him. Meet his gaze steadily.

Because he’s wrong. So very wrong. I’m not a kid.

Not anymore.

Reaching up to gently cup his face with both hands, I can’t help but smile. The familiar edge of his jawline still fits perfectly, cradled in my palms. My thumbpad skims over the faded silver scar slashed across his left cheek. “Well, if that’s the case…”

He doesn’t move a muscle. He doesn’t even twitch.

I lean up on my tiptoes until our lips almost touch and whisper, “You should remember this.”

With a loud groan, he immediately seizes my hips.


“Are you sure?”


What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

11 thoughts on “WEEK 20: Are you sure?

  1. Ooo, Great again! Tom’s finally kinda giving in. Until next week when you probably give us more angst. *smirk*


    Another sleepless night…

    1. Hmmm…

      “Are you sure?” he asks again.
      She frowns slightly. “I already said yes.”
      “Are you suuure?”
      “Now you’re just annoying me.”
      Suddenly, sparks start to fly.
      No, really, sparks are legit starting to fly out from Tom’s steely gray eyes as he sags heavily into her arms and short-circuits.
      Because he’s a cyborg.
      “Guess it’s time for an upgrade.”

      THE END

      (Awesome suggestion, Queen Amanda!! 😘😘😘)

  2. So… Tom’s a cyborg? Didn’t see that one coming. But I distinctly recall requesting cryosleep. Or did I miss that…? 🙂

  3. Love the direction the story is taking and the possible cyborg ending made me laugh and safed my morning! You are always full of surprises.

    Prompts for next week:
    First things first – I need coffee
    Somehow you remind me of a leprechaun
    sorry, I was daydreaming

    1. Tee hee.

      Thanks so much, Miss Cat! I actually don’t know much about cyborgs so I suppose Tom shall have to be converted back to full-human again next week 😛

      As usual, your suggestions are stupendousness!!!


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