WEEK 16: Aww! You’re so cute when you…

Prompted by: Princess Jane


That hurts.

And for a split second, I go into panic mode.

Because the last time that I crashed this hard?

I couldn’t get up.

My spine was crushed to shit. And I couldn’t get up.

So, yeah, a small part of me freaks the f*ck out.

Just for a second, though.

And then it hits me. Like a ton of bricks.

That hurts.

That really f*cking hurts.

Thank God for pain.


And thank God for angels.

“Are you okay?”

I feel her kneel down. Reach for my helmet.  Flip up the visor.

“Say something, you idiot!”

“Something,” I mumble.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she growls, “You’re such a jerk.”

I crack one eye open and grin up at her. “Aww! You’re so cute when you…”



“Don’t you dare.”

“About me.”

“You’re such a goddamn jerk.”

Laughing, I grab my gorgeous girl and pull her in for a long, hard kiss.

Before righting my wheelchair.

And attempting another backflip.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

12 thoughts on “WEEK 16: Aww! You’re so cute when you…

  1. Ooh! Mistress Ann, so good! And you chose my prompt! I’m so honoured!!

    Prompt suggestion . . .
    “Stop,” she laughed, “you’re making me cry.”

    Okay, I’m going to go and try writing my first flash fiction!!

  2. *laughing so hard I can’t stop*

    So gooooood! Love the ending:)

    And nice one, Princess Jane💕


    “I had a dream last night.”

    That smile…

    1. Awww, thanks, Queen Amanda!

      Glad I made ya laugh. Hope you didn’t pee yourself 😛


      P.S. – Yeah, I know it’s totally tacky to quote my own book but Cale’s smile demands it. And besides, this is my site so y’all can’t judge me, right? Riiight??

      1. That smile…

        The one that was quintessentially Cale.

        Oh, how I’ve missed that smile.

        She grinned back. It was impossible not to. “I hate you.”

        “You love me.”

        Reaching down, Mickey grabbed Cale’s tie and gave it a sharp tug. “Shut up.”

        “Planning to strangle me?”

        “I wouldn’t want to ruin the tie,” she purred sweetly.

        He laughed. “I love you too, Mickey.”

  3. How come can you put so much angst and so much joy into so few sentences?! You’re are really great with messing with your readers’ feelings!! (‘mess’ – use here in the most possible positive sense! 🙂 )
    Thank you!

    My prompt idea:
    She could hardly recognise him. or
    She always recognised him.

    1. Well, THAT is quite the compliment, Miss SC! Seriously!! 😀

      *injects a concoction of angst and joy into every sentence*

      Although, some might argue that I’m also really great at messing with my readers’ feelings in the most negative sense too MUHAHAHAHAAAA!!


      Thank youuu for the suggestions 😉


  4. Here are some for you!

    Teenage mutant samurai pigeons
    The thing in the box
    Seven, the best letter
    Now with less Moreness
    The super secret sauce

  5. AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! <3 This post was just a gut-punch of feels.

    Suggestion for next week:

    The blind leading the blind

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