WEEK 53: Better the devil you know

Prompted by: Jen B

The crazy author says: Random POV switch for no good reason cuz…yeah.

“Where are you going?”

I don’t say a word. I don’t even look at my brothers.

“Dude, it’s two in the morning…”

Instead, I slam the door shut behind me and nearly wipe out at the bottom of the steps. As my wheels skid across loose gravel, kicking up a thick cloud of dust in the moonlight, I plant a hand down to save my ass from tipping over sideways.

“Fuck.” That doesn’t feel good.

I don’t bother checking the damage. I straighten my chair, wipe the grit off my palm, and keep on going. When I reach my vehicle, I retrieve my keys. I need to drive for a bit. Somewhere. Anywhere but here.

Too bad I have a huge problem wrapped in a tiny package.


She slips between my knees and the getaway car, blocking my only means of escape. “Nice ride.”

“Which one?” I find myself asking. No idea if it’s intended to be a challenge or a tease. Verbal fucking diarrhea.

Leaning against the driver’s window, she replies, “Both.”

I’m pissed and flattered and amused all at once.

That she chased after me. That she likes my Impreza. That she might like me. That I’m beyond confused.

I shake my head and meet her gaze. Pride has me growling, “Go back to your husband, Julia.”

She doesn’t miss a beat, “I don’t want to.”

My jaw clenches, the reminder bitter, “You always go back to him, I just haven’t figured out why.”

The fact that I’m aware of her so-called marriage and have clearly been keeping tabs on them seems to be of no concern. “I’m not sure why,” she admits with a small, sad smile. “Better the devil you know, I guess.”

And I instantly regret mentioning that worthless piece of shit.


I regret her making her sad.

“Come on,” I sigh, giving her hip a gentle squeeze. “Let’s go.”

Hazel eyes grow wide at the sudden invite. It’s a moment before she blinks and yet another before she whispers, “Where?”

“Does it matter?”

“No, it really doesn’t.”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys?

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

26 thoughts on “WEEK 53: Better the devil you know

  1. Ah, love it! I always feel so happy after I read your flash fiction, but only for a moment because then I remember I have to wait a whole week to read more!

    Prompt suggestion
    Why did you do that?

      1. I think we should change flash fiction from once a week to once a day! Or once an hour would be even better!

  2. Haha, I can’t believe I didn’t want to do flash fiction at first, now I love it so much!

      1. Haha, I remember you being very persuasive, and I finally gave in when I was ready! Now flash fiction day is my favourite day of the week!

          1. Haha, you’re too funny! And actually I was thinking about heading back to the dark side this week!

  3. I totally second everything Princess Jane said about the frequency of flash fiction!!!!!!!!
    Love it!

    Prompt suggestions:
    -Trust me?
    -Deal with what you`ve got!
    -Don`t touch!

    1. Geez, Miss Sam!

      Don’t encourage Princess Jane 😛 For reals, though, sooo happy you’re digging this! And thank youuu for those awesome prompts!!!


        1. OMG, I’m gonna pee myself laughing!

          I just thought, “You’re encourageable!” and then realized the saying is, “You’re incorrigible!” which, umm…

          Means something completely different hahaha!! Yeah.

  4. So glad you used my prompt….This is so much fun 😊

    This makes me look forward to Monday again, but once I have read it I realise that it’s still Monday!!

    Prompt ideas (getting hooked now!)
    – What did you do that for?
    – When the chips are down
    – I can’t think straight

    Can’t wait for the next one 😆

    Hugs xx

    1. Ahhh, Miss Jen!

      So thrilled to have you back again!! Now you’re in the groove, pumping out prompts like [insert something clever here]. Oh! Like no tomorrow!! That’s what I was trying to think of hahahaha…


      Thank you and thank you and thank you!!!

      Hugs back supah squeezy,

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