Hart of Hers

Book Cover: Hart of Hers
Part of the Cale & Mickey series:

I said yes.

To the most difficult, frustrating, hard-headed workaholic on the entire planet. Don't even get me started on his massive ego. Sometimes it's tempting to strangle the stubborn idiot.

Instead, I'll just marry him.

Because I'm in love with the world's sexiest stubborn idiot.

And if Jerkface thinks he can threaten my man...

He's got another thing coming.

Warning: Strong language, mature content, drama, and angst included. Shirt sold separately.




Cale and Mickey: Book 3 of 4

4 thoughts on “Hart of Hers

  1. please tell me how to get the “hart of hers” and “heart of mine” my amazon doesn’t give the option to update my “hart of his” please help!!

    1. Hiya, Miss Angie!

      First things first, thank you very much for reading!! 😘 To get the updated version of Book 2, follow these instructions: https://www.anniearcane.com/hart-of-his-update/ If that doesn’t work (it should!!), please send me a personal email (address is on my “About” page) and I’ll get the support guys at Amazon to make it happen ASAP! 😊 I just need to know which marketplace you purchased from (.com, .ca, .co.uk, etc.) as well as the email address associated with your Kindle account. Again, thank youuu!!!


      P.S. The next two books aren’t out yet 😛 Hart of His shall be available for preorder next month and released in March. Hart of Mine has a tentative release date of June 2017.

  2. You know I just love this book/series!!!!!! Keep on writing!!!! One of these days I will get you to do a signing!!!! People need to meet you!

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