Hart of His

Book Cover: Hart of His
Part of the Cale & Mickey series:
ISBN: 978-0-9952031-5-0
ISBN: 978-0-9952031-6-7

IMPORTANT: If you preordered or purchased a copy before 6pm-ish EST on November 21st, please READ THIS!!!

It's been two months since I moved in with Mickey Hart.

Here's what I've learned:

  1. 523 square feet is really f*cking small.
  2. Sharing a bathroom is the worst idea ever. Especially when you’re a damn paraplegic.
  3. Never lie. No matter what.

Oh, and one last thing...

I love her. More than ever.

Even if I'm still a workaholic. And stubborn as all hell.

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Warning: Strong language, mature content, drama, and angst included. Shirt sold separately.




Cale and Mickey: Book 2 of 4

10 thoughts on “Hart of His

  1. Hahahaha, Miss Beth! The cover says “Coming Soon” 😛
    Seriously though, I didn’t mean to trick you…just kinda obsessed with making things looking pretty… *grins sheepishly*
    I AM, however, super flattered that you went poking around for it *smirks*

    EDIT: The cover no longer says “Coming Soon.” NOW I’m being tricksy. Tee hee.

  2. Hehehe thank you, Harim! You already know my obsession with character names…well…that extends to book titles as well 😛

    P.S. – I still can’t believe you finished the 1st book in one sitting!! *claps happily*

  3. Aiya!

    First of all, thank you soooo much for your support and amazingly kind words, Miss Lesley!! I’m beyond thrilled that you love the story so far!! As for a trilogy…heh…you might just be in luck on that wish… *smirks*

    Secondly, I can’t believe you repurchased it on Amazon! You totally did not have to do that at all. OMGoodness, I need to refund you, ma’am! I’m gonna send you an email right now…


  4. LOL Miss Beth!

    Soon, I promise!! September 30th. Err…maybe that’s not all that soon, eh…? Tee hee. For reals, though, thank you for your support and excitement!!!


  5. *looks at calender**GASPS**keeps typing like a speed demon*

    Seriously, though, thank you sooo much, Miss Christine! Glad you’re loving Cale and Mickey!!


  6. Yeahhh, except you’re gonna kill me, Miss Desiree. I haven’t had time to format it into an ebook yet. I’m on the road for work today *sobs* and all weekend *sobs more* but gonna try to get that done when I get to my hotel. I’ll email everyone when I get there too.

    Biggest hugs ever,

    P.S. – Currently at a Timmie’s ordering coffee. My 2nd one this morning hahaha!!

  7. Miss Alley!!

    *grovels**more**and more*

    Soooo sorry!! I am a bit of a sadist, though, eh? 😛


    P.S. – I’m gonna try to do some formatting tonight. Depending what time we get back *sobs*

    P.P.S. – Love you guys so freakin’ much! I’ll make this up to y’all with extra stuff. I dunno what yet but I’ll think of something!!!

  8. Miss Jessie!

    *waves happily*

    I’m setting up a preorder this weekend cuz my editor (yeah, I got one this time haha) still needs it for a few weeks. BUT to make up for my complete failure as an author, I’m gonna make it available for 99cents to preorder annnd…

    Beg forgiveness for dropping the ball and making you awesome possums wait so long 🙁

    Shameless groveling and endless hugs,

    P.S. – Amazon recently made some changes to their preorder requirements so I’m hoping it works!!! Eeek!