WEEK 38: But remember, just for tonight

Prompted by: Tiara Giles

The crazy author says: Yeah, I couldn’t bring myself to kill off this storyline quite yet. The struggle is real…

Today was the day.

She did the same thing every year. Visited all the same places. Went through all the same motions.

Every single year.

Trust me, I would know. I’ve been her shadow for the past three.

Today was the day she hated me.

And the day I hated myself.

This morning I woke up fighting temptation. Longing to exact revenge. Yearning to press a gun to my temple. Itching to pull the fucking trigger.

It wasn’t cowardice.

It was this ironic hunger for justice. Constantly gnawing at my gut. Twisting my insides into complete and utter shit.

Because I deserved to die for what I did.

It had been a split-second decision. Reactionary. Impulsive. Reckless. I’d been consumed by jealousy. Blinded by rage. Fixated on retrieving what had been stolen from my possession. Hellbent on reclaiming what was rightfully mine…


I just wanted to get her back.

And I fucked up.

Took one misstep. Made one phone call. Gave one order.

Four years ago.

She wasn’t supposed to be in that Bentley. She wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near that goddamn Bentley.

It was the biggest mistake of my life.

And it cost me everything. Everything I loved. Everything I didn’t even know I loved yet. I destroyed it all in the blink of an eye.

So, yeah, I wanted nothing more than to blow my own brains out.

But I always suppressed the urge. I couldn’t pay with my blood. There wasn’t enough to square the debt. And besides, I didn’t hold the authority to end my worthless existence. Not anymore. It was no longer mine to end.

It was hers. I belonged to her.

Now and forever.

I would guard her with my life. Protect her with my dying breath.

My only rule?

Keep your distance.

Stay hidden in the shadows. Don’t ever let her see me. Watch over her from afar.

That’s what I’d sworn to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. And never once had I broken that promise. Never once had I dishonored that vow.

Today was no exception.

I kept my distance the entire time.

When she kneeled by the tiny headstone and cried her heart out?

I cried right along with her and kept my distance.

When she swayed to the music and had one too many drinks?

I slipped the bartender a few extra bills and kept my distance.

When she smiled at some drunken loser and laughed at his lame-ass jokes?

I grit my teeth and kept my fucking distance.

But when that dumb piece of shit wouldn’t take no for an answer?

It was instinct.

I shot across the room and tore him off of her, slamming the scumbag down onto the bar. My fingertips dug into his jugular as I reached for my holster. Nothing could prevent me from killing him…


Except her.

“Stop it.”

I obeyed without question because she owned me like a fucking dog.

As the lucky bastard slunk away, tail tucked neatly between his legs, she commanded, “Look at me.”

And I obeyed without question because she still owned me like a man too.

“Three years…”

The raw pain in her molten honey gaze nearly brought me to my knees.

Yet, even as her fist connected, slicing through my lip, I didn’t break eye contact. I wouldn’t. Not when I was finally staring into the sun. After an eternity spent in darkness. She could continue hitting me until her knuckles bled. I didn’t care. It didn’t matter. I refused to blink.

She didn’t strike again, though. Instead, she grabbed me by the collar and jerked me close.

So close I could feel her whisper, “One last time.”

So damn close.

“But remember, just for tonight.”

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22 thoughts on “WEEK 38: But remember, just for tonight

  1. Ah, I’m so glad you couldn’t resist and kept going with this one. And from his POV. I love it! And who cares they’re divorced, love is still in the air.❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Prompt: Eek! A mouse! (hahaha nursery rhymes are on. I seriously gotta come back at night when I’m watching something else.)

    “Don’t…” he growled.

    1. Yeahhh, I swear I’m a grown man trapped in the body of 12-year-old boy that vaguely resembles a teenage girl in certain lighting. So, in other words: Dig writing the dude’s POV haha!

      Thank you muchly for the prompts, Queen Amanda!!! Ain’t nothing wrong with the nursery rhyme ones either 😉


  2. Mistress Ann it makes me so happy to wake up in the morning to more of this story!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for not ending it just yet!!!!!

    Prompt suggestion
    I’ve never touched a gun before

  3. Ah, thank goodness! You totally rocked this. I mean like freaking Hendrix and the national anthem type shit right here. God I’m so glad you didn’t stick the fork in them just yet!!!


    Wrong answer

    It will never be enough

    No control over any damn thing

    What is it about you

    How long?

  4. Prompt: You sweet bitch

    Lol I was looking at this bottle of wine and was like eh this might be interesting. I also thought Not Today but that’s like the name of a kpop song ive been listening to since sunday. I have probs lol

    1. Hahaha, Miss Tiara!

      I love your sources of inspiration 😛 And thank you for the prompt!!


      P.S. Not a kpop fan myself but ain’t nuttin’ wrong with it at all 😉

  5. Now hold on there, this is a different storyline that the one you’ve been treating us to for the past few months, isn’t it?

      1. Yeah, I might have commented too soon. That, and my brain is struggling to interpret the world through a haze of stuffy flu-iness!

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