WEEK 8: But, why?

Prompted by: Laura


“But, why?”

“That’s obvious, isn’t it?”


Exhaling harshly, he reaches for his wheelchair. “I said no.”

“Pretty please?”

He transfers into it, giving his head a firm shake.

“With a cherry on top?”

“I hate cherries.”

“Aww, come on,” she giggles, “you love cherries.”

“I hate ’em.”

She giggles again. “You looove ’em.”

Readjusting his legs, he rolls his eyes. “Not this type.”

“What type?” she asks, feigning innocence.

He tugs her down onto his lap, grumbling, “You know exactly what type.”

“Tell me anyway.”

Pressing a kiss to her bare shoulder, he murmurs huskily, “The sweet type.”

“How sweet?”

“Very sweet…”

Moaning, she loops her arms around his neck as his lips travel to the base of hers.

“Irresistibly sweet…”

“So,” she manages to whisper, breathless, “is that a yes?”

He laughs, the sound a low rumble from deep inside his chest. “It’s a yes.”


“Just one dance, though,” he clarifies.


“Then I’m taking you home.”

“I like how you think, stud…”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

24 thoughts on “WEEK 8: But, why?

  1. Yipes! You chose my prompt! It’s so good! Thank you thank you thank you!

    Okay new ideas –
    “I– I’m not sure” she stammered.
    He was taken aback at her boldness.
    She makes him laugh. Really laugh.

    1. Of course, I did, Miss Laura! It was awesomeness!! And *GASP* a 2-worder!!! Thank YOU soooo much for the suggestions. Please keep em coming, ma’am!


      P.S. – Okay, this is kinda awful but I can’t resist. Ignore the changes to present tense (had to pick one haha)


      He points to the ledge above. “How about there?”

      “I-I’m not sure,” she stammers.

      “You’re not sure that’s where you wanna watch the fireworks from?” he questions, arching a brow. “Or you’re not sure I can get my butt up there?”

      Giving him a sideway glance, she slowly smiles. “I can always piggyback you.”

      He’s taken aback by her boldness.

      “Or,” she continues, “you can just sit on my shoulders.”

      She makes him laugh. Really laugh.

      “What do you say, champ?”

      He grins up at her. “I say you’re something else.”

  2. I’m just stunned at your imagination which seems to kick in in no time and produce situations dripping with romance… 🙂

  3. Totally rocks!! I mean such awesomeness on this Monday I can barely stand it!

    1. Where did you go just then?
    2. I think you’re a little pruny..(like being in water too long…or) hahaha
    3. If you’re ready…
    4. Not in the way you think…

    1. Hahaha! This was totally my shortest one and then Miss Lesley wrote a legit story…

      *hangs head in shame*

      Thank you sooo much for the prompts! Pruny… *giggles*


  4. ohh hot the tension like sizzles on the page/screen you know… haha 🙂


    “What are you afraid of?”

  5. These stories are such fun I am throwing in my two cents!
    – No way I am doing THAT!
    – Have we met before?
    – Yes, always; it always hurts, he sighed
    – Come on! It’s really not that hard…

    Looking forward to many more of your stories, and books, Ann!

    1. Welcome to the party, Miss Anna! Thank you for the prompts and *blushes* your very kind words!! I look forward to many more of your suggestions!! 😀


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