SPOILER WARNING: A little extra Cale…

This random brain vomit happens AFTER the series so don’t read it and be all like, “Nooooo, it’s a spoiler!!!” cuz I’ll be like, “Yesssss, I tried to warn ya!!!”

But seriously, it spoils everything

EDIT: Uhhh, I accidentally published this as a page instead of a post yesterday so y’all couldn’t see it. Sorry.

8 thoughts on “SPOILER WARNING: A little extra Cale…

  1. Whoopee, more from Cale and Mickey!!!!
    I really hate to tell you that you forgot to post the second half of this wonderful, teasing story!!! The half where we get to know what happens after little Jackson is sound asleep in his crib. 😉

    1. Oh, man, Miss Sam…

      This made me giggle-snort. Thank youuu! At the rate we’re going, I just might “remember” to post part two. I mean, who knows, eh? 😛

      Big hugs,

  2. What a happy surprise. More Cale. Yippee. Yea, definitely need to know what’s after baby to bed. Yummy

    1. Thank youuu, Miss Christine!

      Yeah, I’ll probably (as in for sure cuz who can resist? haha) continue writing random stuff and post anything that hits me in the feels 😛


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