WEEK 3: Can she really handle my disability?

Prompted by: Lesley Hardenburgh

“I can.”

I blinked. Twice. “What?”

“I said that I can.”

I blinked a third time. Furrowed my brow. Shot her a questioning glance. “Can what?”

She frowned slightly, her jaw setting into a stubborn, inflexible line. “I can handle it.”

I mirrored her frown with one of my own and asked, “Handle what?”

Warm amber met icy blue head-on. Hard. Challenging. Steely with resolution. Then, her honey-filled eyes drifted downward, sweeping over the entire length of my body – deliberately, painfully, torturously – before returning to lock onto mine once more. To bore into mine. Drill into mine. Hammer. Full force.

I swallowed hard. Had I been able to move below my chest, I probably would’ve squirmed under the intensity of her gaze.

“I can handle it,” she repeated firmly, molten irises ablaze with determination.

Feeling my cheeks flush, I looked away and mumbled, “I didn’t say anything.”

“No,” her voice was suddenly gentle as she reached out to brush an errant strand of hair from my forehead, “but you were wondering, right?”

I didn’t reply. I didn’t even nod. I wouldn’t admit it. I just couldn’t.

Hands cupping my face, the softness of her palms greeted the sharp edge of my jawline, tenderly caressing rough stubble. “This. Us. You…”

I shuddered as the hum of her words traveled down my spine into oblivion.

“I can handle it.”

I let my eyelids fall shut. Released a slow, shaky breath.

She had answered my unspoken question…

Can she really handle my disability?

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

23 thoughts on “WEEK 3: Can she really handle my disability?

  1. Always leave them wanting more…. I liked this one a lot!

    Promt…. she felt shell-shocked uneasy she barely hung on….

    1. Yay! I’m super duper happy you dug it, Miss DJ!!

      Hmm. Too long. I could cut it down to “Shell-shocked, she barely hung on”? That would be 5 or 6 words, depending if you count the first as one or two haha


    1. Aiya, Harim!

      First of all, thanks for playing along *wipes away happy tear* And second of all, I love that prompt. Could write a million (okay, maybe a dozen haha) different stories from that!!


  2. Oooh, nice! I loved it, I particularly liked the line “Warm Amber met icy blue head on.” This definitely has potential to be more if you ever wanted to explore it and extend it, I certainly would love to read more if you ever went there!

  3. She left, but would she return?
    She stole glances, but wanted more.
    She saw him across the room and knew.
    He struggled embarrassed, she helped, smiling.
    He assessed the situation, he was screwed.
    What now, he wondered until she arrived.
    Boy meets girl. Girl asks many questions.
    Who wants a broken guy? Why her?
    Maybe more later, maybe not.

    1. OMG, Miss Lesley! I had to whip this up real quick!!

      He assessed the situation, he was screwed.
      Things couldn’t possibly get any worse.
      She saw him across the room and knew.
      Ignoring the crowd, she walked toward him.
      What now, he wondered until she arrived. (Not the intended context but meh haha)
      “Need a hand?”
      With a nod, he replied, “If you don’t mind.”
      “Not at all.”
      He struggled, embarrassed, she helped, smiling.
      The smell of his aftershave teased her senses.
      She stole glances but wanted more.
      Maybe more later, maybe not.

      Like, seriously, ma’am! Go write a short story. Now.


      1. Yeah, lol, every time I give you these prompts they end up being a slightly disjointed story. Maybe I do need to go see if I can just pop out a short story for the heck of it!

        1. Dang rights, ma’am! We totally need some more quick pooper reads. Is that what they’re called or did I just make that up?? hahahaha

    1. Awww, Miss Jeanie!

      It is my pleasure to have delivered a few happy, gooey feels to ya 😉 Thank you so much for reading, ma’am!


    1. Yessss!

      Sooo happy you loved it, Miss Lesley! I mean, it was your doing, after all… *smirks*


    1. Eeeek! Miss Laura!!

      Thank you so, so, soooo much for playing along!!! *blushes* A lot more fun for me that way 😀


  4. Hmm, Sorry, I got two previous comments wrong.
    The “Wow” comment was meant as a reply to LesleyLu’s “She Left, but…” bit and the “What a…” comment was for Annie’s bit “He assessed…”! 🙂
    Both ficlets went straight to my heart! 🙂

    1. *GASP* Well, lemme tell you something, sc…

      I appreciate both comments regardless of what order they came in 😉


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