🎉 Sin City Giveaway 🎉

Ember-Raine Winters and I are doing another giveaway together. Shocking, I know!  Why is it called “Sin City”, you ask? Well, cuz her book is set in Vegas and mine is downright sinful. Look, don’t try to follow my irrational thought process, okay? Just click on the fancy schmancy couple, who are about to suck face and engage in sexy time, to win stuff…

🎉 500 Likes Giveaway 🎉

If you follow me on Facebook, I reckon you’ve noticed the lovely Ember-Raine Winters and myself doing a sh*tload of stuff together. We’re like two peas in a pod, two crayons in a box, two chips in a bag, two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in one glorious package of awesomeness, two, yeah, you get the picture, eh? 

Anyhoo, our most recent creepily synchronized accomplishment was reaching 500 likes on our Facebook author pages! Sooo, to say THANK YOUUU for the support and celebrate our togetherness, we’ve decided to run a giveaway, umm, together!!

Wanna enter? Just click on these adorably cute pandas…

We both have super cool readers’ groups too! Okay, fine. Not really cool cuz we’re both complete dorks but cute dorks, right? Riiight??



Takeover Tour with Ember

To celebrate our June 10th pre-orders, Beautiful Deception and Hart of Mine, the lovely Ember-Raine Winters and I are going on a mini takeover tour together. Come join us for games, giveaways and all sorts of goodness! Well, more like pure awesomeness but I was stuck on the G’s hahaha…haha…ha…yeahhh.

June 8th @8PM EST Sweet and Spicy Reader’s Lounge

June 10th @8PM EST Blushing Babes Reading Room

June 11th @8PM EST  The UB Treehouse (page)

June 12th @9PM EST BHBB Reader Cave

June 15th @9PM EST Sassy’s Book Lounge

July 2nd @8PM EST The B&B Naughty House

IMPORTANT NOTE: The majority of reader groups on Facebook are “closed”, so you’ll wanna join early to give admin enough time to approve your membership.