Dear wickedly awesome readers,

Let’s play a little game, shall we?

Every Monday, I’ll post a short rambling based on a prompt provided by you. In the comments, please make suggestions for the following week. One will be picked at random and the game continues on.

The only rule? It must be 7 words or less.

I hope y’all will play along because, umm, it totally won’t work otherwise. Love you guys!



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WEEK 59: Never in all my life

Prompted by: Christine Little

The crazy author says: Psst! Look who’s still kicking around, eh? 😏



I’ve worried before. Been afraid. Scared out of my wits. But I have never in all my life experienced sheer fucking terror. Not once. Not even close.

Not until last night.

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WEEK 58: Only one

Prompted by: Jane Blythe a.k.a. Princess Jane

The crazy author says: R.I.P. Tech & Julia 😔 Time for a new storyline…


The last thing I remember with any certainty. Bright, blinding headlights. Everything after that feels like a drunken daze. Everything before that is my worst nightmare come to life. Everything I care about exists in one person…

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