SPOILER WARNING: A little extra Cale…

This random brain vomit happens AFTER the series so don’t read it and be all like, “Nooooo, it’s a spoiler!!!” cuz I’ll be like, “Yesssss, I tried to warn ya!!!”

But seriously, it spoils everything

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Just woke up…

And texted this weirdness to my girls, Ember and Jane. Ignore the typos and grammatical errors. I was still half, errr, like, 95% asleep hahaha! Oh, and “don’t” permanently autocorrects to “Donny” for some odd reason…

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Making some covers, yo!

Everyone knows I design all my own covers cuz I’m just that legit (or ghetto haha!) and I bet some of y’all have seen the fantabulous Jane Blythe kicking around my neck of the woods, eh? Sooo it should come as no surprise that I’ve whipped up covers for her too. Actually, I have before but I was super thrilled when she asked me to do these ones and am really freakin’ pleased with the outcome. Now, what do I do when I’m pleased about something?

Share, of course 😉

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