Look who I’m hanging out with in the Hot New Releases…

My lovely authoress friend, Ember-Raine Winters, that’s who! We’ve been chillin’ in the Kindle Top 100 for literary romance together and we kinda sorta chill in the damaged character arena together too (her heroine suffers from PTSD) annnd y’all know how much I love screenshots so, yeah.

Tell me that ain’t cool, eh? Don’t really tell me. I’ll cry. Okay, I don’t actually cry since I’m emotionally stunted but I do ramble lots. And lots. Umm, I’m just gonna shut the heck up and leave the lovely links to Miss Ember’s books here cuz hey, that’s much more exciting haha!

Book 1: Beautiful Delusion

Book 2: Beautiful Sacrifice

Plus her stalker links cuz stalking people is pretty freakin’ exciting too. I mean, no, officer, stalking is wrong. Punish me now…


A day in the life of an Annie Arcane cover…

Last night I dreamt this:

Then woke up to see this:

And was suddenly like this:

Before everything went dark:

And I experienced pain:

Unimaginable pain:

Now I’m like this:

Because I realize you see this:

But she’s really more like this:

The days are grueling.
The nights are torture.
Yet, I will never leave.

I love my Mistress.
I know she feels the same.
And only wants the best for me.


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A sneak peek from Hart of Hers

Dear wickedly awesome readers,

I totally forgot to post this before sooo let’s just pretend I saved it for today, okay? Please? Aw, c’mon. Pleeease??

Seriously, though, Hart of Hers comes out in exactly 3 weeks! Molly freakin’ eeek!! So without further ado, I humbly present the (unedited) opening scene…

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