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I felt like posting something for Christmas sooo I’m gonna share a couple of my fave anime with a physically disabled and totally bada** main protagonist…

Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

Berserk by Kentaro Miura

I actually have a pretty decent list of some freakin’ amazeballs manga/anime featuring wounded heroes cuz of my unhealthy obsession with violence and gore. But, unfortunately, the majority haven’t got a single speck of romance ROFLMAO!

Anyhoo, while these two series aren’t romance-driven, they both DO have (possibly tragic) love in the air.

Ed & Winry

He’s a state alchemist who lost an arm and a leg in a failed attempt at human transmutation, which means you gotta ask Google if you’re curious haha! But, yeah, she’s his automail (a.k.a. prosthesis) engineer and mechanic.

I mean, c’mon. Tell me that ain’t a match made in heaven. You can’t. You caaaaaan’t.

Guts & Casca

He’s missing an eye and an arm (NOT a spoiler cuz it’s totally shown in the 1st scene before going into major flashback mode). He also wields this gigantic sword called the Dragonslayer and has the coolest arm cannon prosthesis in history. She’s a kickbutt mercenary who’s tough-as-nails.

These two. Man-oh-man, these two…

Zipper-Mouth Face on Google Android 7.1

Annnd now that you’ve seen the ridiculous amounts of pure, unadulterated nerd glory running through my veins?


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