WEEK 33: Damn, that’s cold

Prompted by: Amanda Siegrist

It shook me.

Because the man who was larger than life, the man who was built like an armored tank, the man who could fight like a Spartan and kill like he ruled the godforsaken underworld…

Had been taken down.

Reduced to nothing.


This asshole had only been brought to his knees once before. And then murdered in cold blood right where he kneeled. It was a horrific sight burned deep into my memory. A permanent vision forever shackled to my subconscious. Eternally trapped in the confines of my mind. Haunting my dreams at night. The moment was stuck on replay each time I closed my eyes.

That moment.

When he realized what I’d done. When he knew I had deceived him. Betrayed him. Led him to the slaughter. Lured him to certain fucking death.

He had offered me everything. Laid all of himself bare.

I’d taken just a little bit more.

I had sacrificed the man I loved.

The man I still love.

Faced with an impossible choice, I’d made my decision.

And I would never forget it. That anguished look of acceptance in his beautiful eyes. That garbled, inhuman sound drawn violently from his perfect lips…

Tortured every single beat of the heart in my chest. Decimated my fucking soul to the rotten core.

But at least I didn’t have to witness the aftermath.

At least I didn’t have to see him like this.

He was so still.

So damn fucking still.

And my gaze instantly zeroed in on it.

The scar.

The faded silver scar wrapped around the base of his neck. Sliced methodically across his bronzed flesh. With the precision of a surgeon. The best surgeon in the nation…

“Mrs. De Luca.”

“I told you not to call me that.”

A warm chuckle and then, “Welcome home, Isabel.”

Taking a deep breath, I asked, “How is he?”

“It was touch-and-go for a while…”

I might pass out.

“But he’s stable now.”

Thank you, God.

Taking a seat on the edge of his bed, I swept aside a fallen lock of hair from my husband’s forehead and whispered, “If you ever scare me like this again, I’ll cut off your dick.”

Another chuckle from Doc. “Damn, that’s cold.”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

15 thoughts on “WEEK 33: Damn, that’s cold

  1. Ahh, I feel so happy inside having gotten my next dose of flash fiction after you made me wait 33 extra minutes!! But now I’m getting all excited about next week’s!! Another totally awesome instalment in your totally awesome story!!

    Prompt suggestion
    Move an inch and I’ll kill you

          1. Haha, it started with He was so still, so I missed all that awesome good stuff about her getting him “killed”!!

  2. Hahahaha. I loved the flash, but I also always love the convo between you ladies. *wink*

    Don’t tell me that.

  3. Getting intensier in here (is that a word)! So let me think about a prompt:

    “An inch to the left, and I would have been a widow.”

  4. OMgosh I totally keep forgetting about this 🙁 As usual the flash was all kinds of amazing! My prompt is: I’m broke
    (LOL! Sorry for the lame and late prompt! It was all i could think of HAHA)

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