WEEK 76: Do you need help?

Prompted by: Sam

The crazy author says: Well, this bugger’s really short. Like, reeeally short 😅 (this is my new favorite emoji LOL).

I flinch as he reaches for me.

“Sorry,” he says, his knuckles grazing my cheek. “That was uncalled for.”

And then he’s gone.

A solid minute elapses before I can move and follow him to the bathroom. He’s left a crack in the door. I nudge it wider and slip inside.

Twitch is hunched over the sink, one hand braced against the glass. Tugging at his black t-shirt with the other, he lifts it up past his ribs and sucks in a sharp hiss of air.

I can’t see the damage, but I can see blood. It begins dripping onto the pale porcelain. There’s a lot of blood.

A shocking amount for most people.

I’m not most people. “Do you need help?”

He visibly tenses.

I expect him to refuse.

Instead, his eyes lift to meet mine in the mirror. A challenging glint flashes behind cool, blue ice. “Are you offering?”

I have no interest in playing this game. I’m too tired for a power struggle tonight. “You know I am.”

Slowly, he turns. “How can say no then?”

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5 thoughts on “WEEK 76: Do you need help?

  1. I am Re-Prompting my thought from last week because I really want to know an answer to that question …

    PROMPT : If Love becomes hate – caring becomes what?

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