WEEK 4: Does it really matter anymore?

Prompted by: Harim

You wanna know what I’m doing right now?

I’m trying on shoes.

Which is pretty damn ironic because I don’t have any feet. I don’t have any ankles either. Or shins, for that matter. I do have one knee, though. It actually comes in sorta handy sometimes.

But anyway, you’re wondering what the hell happened to my legs, right?

Long story short, it was a motorcycle accident.

I’d love to tell you more details. But I can’t at the moment. I’m too distracted.

Do you see the girl who’s helping me? She’s really cute, isn’t she? The dangerous type of cute. The shoe-clerk-by-day-and-pornstar-by-night type of cute.

Petite. Redhead. Glasses.

Triple threat.

I have a soft spot for that combo. Well, maybe it’s not all that soft, if ya know what I mean?

“Here, try these on for size.”

Taking the sneakers that she shoved at me, I could’ve sworn I’d detected a hint of amusement in her tone. As for me? I wasn’t amused in the least. Because they weren’t the Nike’s I’d wanted. Instead, I had in my hands a pair of…



I raised a dubious brow. “I didn’t ask for these.”

“I know. But I like them better,” she giggled. Yeah, she seriously giggled. “Plus, they’re more comfortable.”

Looking up, I shot her a wry grin. “Does it really matter anymore?”

Without skipping a beat, she smiled back and said, “I only sleep with guys who wear Chucks.”

I laughed. Who wouldn’t laugh at that? The girl has got some nerve. And besides, she’s the dangerous type of cute, remember?

“Box em up.”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

22 thoughts on “WEEK 4: Does it really matter anymore?

  1. Ooooo! I don’t think the point of this little game is to end up with longer stories, but I’m just sayin’: if this was to turn into one…I’d be a religious follower 😉

    So cheeky! Love it.

    1. Aww, Miss EisenJo!

      You’re far too sweet!! Thank you!!! It’s not unlikely that one of these random shorts may morph itself into a legit story at some point. I mean, that’s how QoH/HB started, eh? *smirks*


    1. Much appreciated, Miss Beth!

      I just love giving you a taste…and then…taking it away! MUHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
      *sobs* I don’t know why nobody likes me *sobs*
      For reals, though, thank you, ma’am!! 🙂


    1. Ugh *eye roll* Some people’s kids these days…

      I jest, I jest! Thanks for playing, Voldemort!! 😉 Much appreciated!!!


  2. “Time to finally tell her what happened” . Not a very good one , but I thought I could share it anyways !!
    By the way , I loved this week’s prompt ☺☺ .

    1. M, You must always share!! It helps me a ton!!! Thank you sooo much!


      P.S. – Yes, young Harim gave me a good one for sure 😀

    1. Oooh, Miss AnRo…

      I never ever write in this perspective (whatever the “me” & “you” POV is called haha). Would be a challenge, for sure!! Thank you for helping 🙂


  3. Hahaha, funny people these two. I think it has potential for a longer story. The characters are very likable.

    1. Hehehe I’m glad you dug it, Anon!!

      Gosh, if people keep asking, I might have to whip up at least a legit short story at some point. We shall see…


  4. Oooh! I definitely enjoyed this one, I’d love to see it go full length, but I won’t hold my breath, hahaha! Prompts ….
    So, it went, just like that.
    The floor cleared to make way…
    She saw him clatter to the floor.
    He gritted his teeth in frustration.
    The girl stared at him, no, through him.

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