WEEK 83: Done

Prompted by: Lila

The crazy author says: Just noticed I messed up last week’s post, as per normal. Would help if I actually added the flash fiction, eh? 😅 It’s all fixed now and I just triple-checked this one sooo I’m sure it’s messed up too 🤣

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Seriously, though, thank you to everyone for an awesome sauce 2017! The support, encouragement, prompts, ideas, just everything!!! You guys are the bestest readers ever!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🍷 🎊 🍸 🎉 🍻 #2018HereWeCome

I wake up tired.

And confused.

I don’t remember falling asleep. I can’t recall ever lying down.

Then I reach across the sheets and bolt upright. “Noah?”

He’s gone.

A bewildered scan of the room has me scrambling out of bed. “Noah!”

He’s gone.

Twitch. Noah. They’re both gone.


My legs won’t function. I’m rooted to the spot. I dig my toes into the carpet and force myself to move. There’s a loud thud as my shoulder hits something.

The door.

I rip it open and stumble through.

My feet hit the cold concrete floor. The crisp morning air burns my lungs. My hands grip the cool metal railing. I’m so dizzy I might vomit.

I’m so fucking relieved I could cry.

Twitch is climbing the stairs with my son safely perched atop his shoulders.

Noah pouts at me. “Close your eyes, Mom.”

I do.

“And don’t peek.”

I don’t.

Not even when tears seep past my lashes. Not even when I feel Twitch wipe them away. Not even when I hear him murmur, “You wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, would you?”

No, I really wouldn’t.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

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