Making some covers, yo!

Everyone knows I design all my own covers cuz I’m just that legit (or ghetto haha!) and I bet some of y’all have seen the fantabulous Jane Blythe kicking around my neck of the woods, eh? Sooo it should come as no surprise that I’ve whipped up covers for her too. Actually, I have before but I was super thrilled when she asked me to do these ones and am really freakin’ pleased with the outcome. Now, what do I do when I’m pleased about something?

Share, of course 😉

These novelettes shall be written and released over the next few years. For now, you can grab a copy of Charity’s Wrath and anxiously await the rest…


4 thoughts on “Making some covers, yo!

  1. There should be a love option on here instead of just a like one!! Thank you sooooo much for these absolutely beautiful and amazing covers!!!!! I love them to pieces!! Now its going to be even more fun writing these novelettes because I get to publish them with such super-duper gorgeous covers!!

    Love the covers and love you bunches!!

    1. Aww, Princess J!

      So effin’ happy you love em as much as I do!! Can’t wait to see all the books come out!

      Big squishy hugs of lovey-dovey-ness,

      P.S. Yes, a LOVE button is needed. Are you listening, WordPress? Huh? Huh???

      1. I’m so excited about the covers and love them so much part of me wants to write stories for all of them right away!!

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