Happy Friday!

Dear wickedly awesome readers,

You’re wondering what the heck this is, right? Great question. But don’t ask me cuz I haven’t a single freakin’ clue…

CALE: (wheels up) What the hell are you doing?

AUTHOR: Building a cloning device, obviously.

C:  With tin foil and duct tape?

A: I have wire hangers too.

C: (raises a skeptical brow)

A: Don’t even say it, buddy…

C: That’s not going to work.

A: (pouts) Well, what do you suggest I use then, genius?

C: Common sense?

A: (shrugs) I’ll try the hangers first.

C: You’re insane.

A: You’re not even real.

C: You’re talking to me.

A: Okay, fine, I’m a little insane.

C: (mutters under breath) A little, my ass.

A: But if this works, I can clone another Mickey for ya.

C: I’m happy with the one, thanks.

A: The other can cook for you guys.

C: Then you’d better clone me too.

A: Oh? How come?

C: (shudders) Death by food poisoning.

Oh, yes. I just had a random conversation with my fictional character for no good reason. Don’t even pretend to act surprised.



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