A sneak peek from Hart of Hers

I totally forgot to post this before sooo let’s just pretend I saved it for today, okay? Please? Aw, c’mon. Pleeease??

Seriously, though, Hart of Hers comes out in exactly 3 weeks! Molly freakin’ eeek!! So without further ado, I humbly present the (unedited) opening scene…

This girl…

I woke up in complete darkness with her tight little body wrapped around my torso and her gorgeous little head nestled right into my neck. Like a God-given gift. A little piece of heaven delivered straight from above.

And was suddenly hit by a realization that blew my mind to kingdom come.

She’s going to be my wife.



Her small hand was resting on my chest, my heart guarded safely beneath her palm. Exactly where I’d placed it. Exactly where it belonged.

In her care.

In her possession.

I’m such a lucky bastard.

She stirred, the softness of her lips grazing me with an accidental kiss as she breathed my name, “Cale…”

Goosebumps trickled across my flesh. I had zero hope of controlling the shiver that followed.

“What time is it?”

Her half-conscious mumble sent another tremor down my spine.

She’s going be the death of me.

“Too early,” I murmured and trailed a feather-light touch from her elbow to her wrist. Blanketing my hand over hers, my thumb brushed something as I laced our fingers together. Something surreal. “Go back to sleep.”

She’s wearing my ring.


I was just beginning to suspect she’d drifted off again when I felt her squeeze my hand. “Are you okay?”

Shiver. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Liar.” The accusation was still a bit slurred but her intuition couldn’t be more spot on, “Something woke you.”

Burying my face into her hair, I succumbed to greed. Inhaled every last ounce I could possibly handle. Filled my lungs to maximum capacity. Reeling from the high, I somehow kept my voice steady enough to repeat, “I’m fine, Mickey. Go back to sleep.”

She made a disbelieving noise and nuzzled deeper, kissing me for real this time. On purpose. With the cruelest of intentions.

Pure torture.

Pulling from my grasp, her teeth nipped at my earlobe. Her tongue seared a trail along the edge of my jawline. Veering astray midcourse to stop just shy, a hair’s breadth from the corner of my mouth.

I drew her close, already starving for more.

She shook her head, denying me access.

No mercy.


Her nails scraped across my stomach, making me tremble. Promptly shutting down my ability to speak. Then returned north to circle a nipple, almost sending me over the edge.

How the hell does this always happen so fast?

Because she was a goddamn lioness and I was her hog-tied prey roasting blissfully over the open fire, that’s how.

With a low groan, I roughly dragged her onto my chest.

She pushed away, sitting up to straddle me instead…

Jesus Christ.

She was so damn wet.

And I was coming undone. Unraveling at every seam.

Fuck sleep.

Both hands found her waist, skimming the gentle curves, and descended to grab a hold of her ass. “Come here.”


My fingertips dug in, earning a whimper. Which drove me past the point of no return. Sent me spiraling into madness. Absolute fucking insanity. “Yes.”

Her knees hugged my ribs in a vice grip as she tipped forward to hover above me and…

The flick of a switch.

Blinking a few times, my eyes took a moment to adjust before locking onto hers. Never straying. Mainly since being pussy-whipped on a regular basis had made me cautious of entering the battlefield. Especially when she was clearly on top in every sense of the word. And naked.

Always naked.

A man would end up dead in a hurry if he didn’t proceed with caution.

She didn’t look cautious, though. Of course not. Quite the opposite, actually. She looked defiant. And sexy beyond belief.

Wonder Woman.

She sounded even sexier, “What part of ‘No’ don’t you understand, mister?”

“Stop being such a tease,” I growled, my demand hoarse with annoyance. And desperation. So much desperation. Hell, I was hemorrhaging desperation at an alarming rate.

She rocked her hips once, grinding against my abs, trying to fucking kill me, and calmly countered, “After you stop being such a liar.”

This damn girl.

We both knew she had me by the balls. We both knew I couldn’t care less what she did with them either. She could slice them clean off if she wanted to and I wouldn’t put up much of a fight. In fact, I’d remove the traitorous things myself and hand them over willingly. Any time. Every time.

Including now.

Accepting the inevitable, I went ahead and shredded my man card into a pile of confetti at her feet. “Have a slight headache, shoulder feels like shit, back seized up and,” I paused to chuckle, “arm went numb thanks to you. Happy?”

It was instantaneous. Her beautiful face lit up with the biggest, brightest, most adorable smile I’d ever witnessed.

I would sacrifice my ego in a heartbeat for the slimmest chance to see that smile. Any day of the week.

“Well?” she giggled.

“Well, what?”

More fucking giggles. “That wasn’t so difficult, was it?”

I chose not to answer the question.

Because she had no idea. Not a clue. She couldn’t possibly comprehend what she did to me. The debilitating effect she had. How easily she plucked every weapon from my grasp. How she demolished every wall with only a smile. A simple fucking smile. Leaving me completely defenseless in the middle of a hostile war zone.

Yeah, no way in hell I was ever answering that loaded question.

I rolled my eyes in response and tossed out a question of my own. The most important question by a mile, in my not-so-humble opinion, “Can we make out like teenagers now?”

Laughing, she finally leaned down to kiss me. Properly. The only way a newly engaged fiancée should be kissing her future husband.

As I reached between her legs and slid my fingers inside, she moaned against my mouth. Then pressed her forehead to mine and whispered, “I was thinking third base…”

Such a lucky bastard.


10 thoughts on “A sneak peek from Hart of Hers

  1. I should have NEVER, EVER read this at work. You better not make me wait too long for the rest of this, Hartmann! Bravo, as usual!

  2. I read it at work… and nearly died while doing it. Oh man. I need more. NEED!! As always this is incredibly awesome. Always!!!

  3. Just read it. It fits Mickey and Cale, but why so many unanswered questions? Why would Cameron think that Mickeyˋs past life would ruin their reputation? They are a millionaire building and construction conglomerate? Not enough daily life details … now how about the BABIES?
    What’s the new installment TITLE?

    1. Dear Miss Monique 😘

      Lemme try and answer at least some of that to some degree of slight satisfaction…

      1. Re: Reputation ruination – Shall be explained in book 4. At the beginning.
      2. Re: Millionaire building & construction conglomerate – Yes to the millionaire part. Conglomerate shall also be explained in book 4. Not at the beginning though LOL
      3. Re: Not enough daily life details – Ask and you shall receive 😉
      4. Re: BABIES – Yes. Without a doubt.
      5. Re: Title of final bookHart of Mine. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of any of the titles except the 1st ( probably shouldn’t admit that 😛 ) but I wanted them all to be sorta matchy-matchy-looking and, well, it’s too late now haha!


      P.S. Thank youuu for reading!!!

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