Hart of Hers update now available!

Dear wickedly awesome readers,

Who would I be if I didn’t mess up the pre-order for Hart of Hers at least a tiny bit, eh?

It’s nowhere near as disastrous as last time but I totally uploaded a rough draft to Amazon by accident and obviously couldn’t get it switched out in time. Again, nothing crazy terrible but definitely some typos and a few (pretty vital, imho) missing parts/scenes.

The Kindle tech team has sent out this notification email so y’all can get the update. Here’s the simplified version of their instructions:

Amazon » Your Account » Digital Content » Manage Your Content & Devices » Hart of Hers (Cale & Mickey, Book 3) » Click ‘Update Available’ on the right side

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help. Or just wanna contact me for kicks and giggles. Or just wanna kick me. That’s cool too. In all seriousness, thank you sooo much for the AH-MAY-ZING support! Love you guys (read: mostly girls) a ton!!

Big, groveling-type hugs,

P.S. I don’t believe there’s a way to get updates with Kindle Unlimited, so you can…

Just enter the very last word in Chapter Nine (all lower case) as your discount code and it’ll be free, of course!

P.P.S. With the exception of a few typos, significant edits start on Chapter Six.

2 thoughts on “Hart of Hers update now available!

  1. Totally addict to Cale & Mickey ! Can’t wait for the next story. I wish it could be longer (like the first part of this series). And don’t want this story to end ! Great characters & good chemistry between them. Love it !

    1. Awww, Miss Bea!

      Thank you veeery much for the kind words!! 😘 Super duper happy you’re enjoying C & M!!!

      The last book shall be a bit longer than the other two cuz I left sooo many (intentional, I swear! LOL) loose ends but still a novella. After that, though, I’m pretty sure we’re sticking to novel-length 😉

      Big hugs,

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