HART OF HIS: Correct version is now available!

Dear wickedly awesome readers,

If you preordered or purchased a copy before 6pm-ish EST on November 21st, you totally got the wrong file! Like terribly, unforgivably wrong!! If the story seems all disjointed and chapter three is titled CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE…

Wrong. 😭😭😭

This was just a dummy file used to test formatting. Amazon has made the correct file available and sent a notification via email (apparently not everyone has received this, sorry!), but they won’t actually “push” it a.k.a. force an automatic replacement. To get the update:

Amazon » Your Account » Digital Content » Manage Your Content & Devices » Hart of His (Cale & Mickey, Book 2) » Click ‘Update Available’ on the right side

So sorry for the inconvenience, y’all! If anyone needs help, please don’t hesitate to email me!! Thank you sooo much for sticking with me through this disastrous book release…

😭😥😔😌😊😚😘 (my emotional progression over the past 2 days tee hee!)

Apologetic hugs,


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