A (spoiler-free) sneak peek from Hart of Mine

“What’s funny?”


A dark brow winged up but the telling smirk had already doubled in size. “How so?”

“You’re blushing, tough guy.”

He grabbed a hold of my hips and chuckled, the sound low and deep and full of raw emotion.

No words required.

Sinking my weight into his hands, I leaned down and pressed my forehead to his.

Words weren’t even an option anymore.

This feeling…

I’d never stop craving it.

The painful tightness in my chest. The unbearable heat coursing through my veins. The full-body tremble I couldn’t control. The hitch in my throat that made breathing a struggle. The intoxicating, addictive high from a sudden lack of air.

These moments…

I’d never get enough of them.

Moments like this were surreal. Abracadabra. Hocus pocus type stuff.

Moments like this were pure freakin’ magic.

Moments like this…

“Never gets old, does it?” his soft question broke the silence.

It broke me too.

When I didn’t respond, the beautiful man pulled away to search for answers.

Well, that was my best guess as to what he was doing.

Who the heck knows?

My vision had blurred.

“What’s the matter?” I heard him ask.

He could’ve transformed into a hideous ogre and it wouldn’t make a difference. I couldn’t see a darn thing. Not that it would make a difference even if he had and I could. I’d happily take Cale Windermere in Shrek form or whatever shifter form he chose.

Any day of the week.

Strong hands gave me a gentle shake. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No, Mr. Right.” I blinked back tears, bringing him back into view. Still beautiful. Obviously. “You didn’t say anything wrong.”

Not convinced, he reached up to frame my face between calloused palms, rough thumb pads tracing tender arcs over my cheeks. Ready to catch fallen raindrops. Prepared to weather a torrential downpour. “Hey…”

“You could never say anything wrong.”

Storm warning lifted.

“I love it when you lie to me,” he laughed.

“I lie because I love you.”

The dumb idiot was about to pee himself laughing. “You say that like it’s a good thing.”

I feigned a gasp. “Is it not?”

“We have issues.”

“You’re only figuring that out now, stud?”

“Yeah, I’m a bit slow.”

“A bit?” I deadpanned.

“Molasses, right?”

“Frozen solid.”

“Jesus, woman.” He swept the hair off my shoulder and skimmed his knuckles down to my elbow, igniting goosebumps every inch along the way. “I fucking love you.”

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