WEEK 7: How did you get up there?

Prompted by: EJ

Actual suggestion: She grinned. “How’d you get up there?”

The first thing she spotted?

My wheelchair.

No surprise since it matches the $10,000 KTM sitting in our garage.

That would be my off-road bike.

The exact same one I dropped from a cliff (on purpose) and crashed (not on purpose).

I’ve always loved the spotlight. And an audience.

Nothing changed after I broke my back.

Nothing changed after I lost the use of my legs.

Nothing changed.

So the first chance I got?

I shook up a can of fluorescent green spray paint and went to town on the boring black frame of my brand new ride.

Now the thing’s so damn bright it’s practically glowing.

So, of course, she spotted my wheelchair first.

My empty wheelchair.

I watched as her delicate brows furrowed, confusion spreading across her heart-shaped face.

It was adorable.

She scanned the backyard. Frowned. Did a second scan. Followed by a deeper frown.

Chuckling, I yelled down, “Looking for something, babe?”

Pretty hazel eyes lifted to meet mine in an instant, squinting slightly against the morning sun. “What are you doing, honey?”

“Just fixing the leaky roof for my beautiful wife.”

She grinned. “How’d you get up there?”

I grinned back with a wink. “I have my ways.”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

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16 thoughts on “WEEK 7: How did you get up there?

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! Especially “Just fixing a roof for my beautiful wife.”

    Prompt idea (kind of dark): “I said I like damage, not (italics)damage(/italics).”

    1. Ooooh, MN!

      You just know that you’re speaking my language with the angst-ridden prompt 😉 Glad you dug this week’s offering! And thank you sooo much!!


  2. Love as always!

    Can I recycle a prompt? – “But, why”
    “Who do you think you are?”
    “You know nothing about me.”

    1. Miss Laura!

      Of course you may recycle prompts! Especially that one!! I sooo appreciate the help!!! Thank you, ma’am!!


  3. Thank you! This vignette (would it be right to call it like this?) tells such a great love story of an adventurous boy and a beautiful girl who end up married and whereas usual love stories are concluded with a wedding, then this one continues so beautifully!
    It was so nice to read a married-fic once in a while!!

    1. Haha, sc!

      Yes, “vignette” is pretty spot on. And, yeah, I’m totally not an HEA-with-wedding-bells sort of writer *grins sheepishly* I leave that to the more romantic authors 😉 Glad you enjoyed the married-fic!!


  4. Love this!!!


    “But you didn’t tell me that…”

    “When was the last time you…”

    “Why didn’t you just say so…”

  5. Also…

    “Beside him she stood silently but completely”
    “Waking was hell, living is purgatory”
    He calls her. “I need you…”

    1. Okay, these are muuuuch more Ann-esque ROFLMAO!!!!

      You rule kingdoms, D! Thanks again!!

      More hugs,

  6. *does a happy dance at her prompt being chosen*

    Eeee! I’m only just now catching up on the last few weeks. This was sweet and different! I’m not married (or anywhere close to getting there…I don’t think lol) but I appreciate that these characters are! Love it (as usual) 🙂

    1. Hahaha I dig the happy dance! And, well, your prompt did immediately spark a fuse in my brain… *smells something burning**shrugs**keeps on writing*

      Happy you loved it. Happy you enjoyed the marriedness too.


    1. Of course, you can, Miss Selina! Thank you for reading and for the Hamilton-inspired prompt!! 😉


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