WEEK 57: How does it feel?

Prompted by: Sam

The crazy author says: I’ll miss these two…


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The way she drags steel through human flesh without hesitation makes me proud. The steadiness of her hand as it guides the edge up over his cheek gives me chills. The sheer pleasure in her voice turns me on like you wouldn’t believe…

“How does it feel?”

The woman’s as crazy as I am.

I spare a glance at her dainty, heart-shaped face and realize I’m wrong. She’s not as crazy as I am.

She’s crazier.

Her gaze is like chilled honey, molten and hot, yet glazed over with a thin layer of ice. Unyielding. Unapologetic. Unaffected by her husband’s silent screams.

My eyes drift back to see tears form in his, pooling at the corners. They spill over and run down toward his ears.

“How does it fucking feel?”

As she begins to carve out the contents of his ocular socket with methodical precision, he looks to me with absolute fear.

A delightful shudder travels through her body as she severs the optic nerve.

And I almost feel sorry for the bastard.

She won’t spare him.

So he’s begging me to save him.

I won’t.

But when a low, satisfied moan leaves her soft, luscious lips, I know I need to save her.

“Jules,” I say.

No reaction.

I lean closer and sink my teeth into her bare shoulder.

Pain turns her moan to a whimper, “T-Tech.”

“That’s enough.”

She stiffens at my words.

Gently kissing the bite mark, I murmur, “Finish him off and let’s go home, okay?”

“Home?” she echoes.

“Yeah, home.”

Her head tilts to the side, coming to rest on the top of mine. “Okay.”


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9 thoughts on “WEEK 57: How does it feel?

  1. Ahh . . . I totally love it!! What a fun little pair of killers Tech and Julia are!! Now I will await a book about them . . . yes? Pretty please?

    Prompt suggestion
    Only one

  2. Both wonderful sadists!! But I quite like where this one went…kept us guessing 🤓

    Ooooo prompts…hmmmm?
    – Where to now?
    – We’re like two peas in a pod
    – Sod it

    Big squishy hugs 😚 x

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