WEEK 70: I burned them all

Prompted by: Amanda

The crazy author says: Uhh, I just realized we picked Miss Amanda’s prompts twice in a row haha!

Before I get a chance to reply, I’m knocked off-balance by the stampeding herd.

Seizing my arm, Trace yanks me into his chest and swings me to the side. His hand cushions the back of my head as he flattens me against the wall, safely out of harm’s way. His mouth is next to my ear, his breath sending shivers down my spine.

We remain silent while the mob continues to funnel past.

It isn’t until the place has emptied that he finally murmurs, “We’re not done.”


Am I supposed to find that romantic?

Because I don’t.

I’ll admit I was totally suckered the first time he pulled this conflicted caveman stunt. The way he held all the cards, set all the rules, called all the goddamn shots. The way he shut me out and then let me back in. The way he was a complete asshole and then begged forgiveness. The way he broke my heart and then proceeded to piece it  together again. I found the emotional rollercoaster endearing in a barbaric sort of way.

Now I find it just plain disrespectful in a douchebag sort of way. Now I don’t possess enough patience and understanding for this shit. Now I don’t have any second or third or fourth chances left. I burned them all the first time. “Yes, we are.”

He goes quiet for a long moment. As if he can’t decide whether or not he wants to know, “Are you still attracted to me?”

Such a stupid question. “I’ve loved you since I was five.” As if a couple of months could erase an entire lifetime.

“That’s not what I asked,” he growls, twisting my ponytail around his fist.

I give him a hard shove. “Let me go.”

He doesn’t budge. Instead, he tightens his grip and jerks me even closer. “Do you still want to fuck me?”

Such a stupid man. “I’ve loved you since I was five fucking years old, Trace. What the hell do you think?”

“I think it’s not over between us.”

Stupid, stupid man. “Wrong.”

“Marry me, Gia.”

What the fuck?

I’m suddenly free and he’s suddenly on his knees. “Please say you’ll marry me.”

What the actual fuck?

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

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4 thoughts on “WEEK 70: I burned them all

  1. I kind of hope she sticks with no since he was being obnoxious for no real reason! Or at least she makes him work for it!

    Prompt suggestion
    What’s cute, and fluffy, and pink?

  2. Well that escalated quickly. I agree with Princess Jane. She needs to stick with no or make him work. He doesn’t deserve to just get her so easily. for the way he treated her.

    Prompt suggestion:
    If you could fly, would you?

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