WEEK 60: I forgot to breathe

Prompted by: Jane Jago

The crazy author says: Okay, I think my brain kinda crossed over to the “other” side again. Should I be worried? Cuz I’m a tad bit worried…

Tech didn’t just fuck up.

He almost got his brother killed and might’ve left him a vegetable. We don’t know yet. It’s been three days and we don’t know yet.

The doctors barely managed to save him.

They removed his eye.

They wired his jaw shut.

They sawed through his skull.

It’s been three days and the details are a blur. Something about bleeding. Swelling. Pressure on his brain. Medically induced coma…

Three days.

No guarantees.


Fuck you.

I’m leaning against Tech’s shoulder. I can’t remember how I got here. I don’t want his comfort.

“I’m sorry.”

Fuck. You.

The room is spinning. My lungs are burning. I forgot to breathe again.

Then it happens.

For the first time in three days.

It happens.

A slim chance. A sliver of hope. A fucking miracle.

He squeezes my hand back.

And I gasp for air.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

9 thoughts on “WEEK 60: I forgot to breathe

  1. Love it so much!! So much!! I can’t wait to find out what Tech did!! And what’s going to happen next!!

    Prompt suggestion
    You wouldn’t understand

    1. Thank you and thank youuu, Princess J!

      I also can’t wait to find out what Tech did. Hopefully, he informs my brain by next Monday 🤣


  2. Couldn’t pick one prompt, so here’s ten!

    “Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are GOALS”

    “You lost the bet, you sing karaoke”

    “Damn that was sexy, and fucking terrifying”

    “Why are you inside the washing machine?”

    “You stole the mans prosthetic leg”

    “Come near me one more time”

    “Not a no, a hell fucking no”

    “It’s your fault pancakes get me hot”

    “You’re insane! I know, ain’t it great?”

    “You smell like my dead grandmother”

    <3 go Annie go!

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