WEEK 84: I know

Prompted by: D

The crazy author says: I’m so freakin’ late this week… 😬 (the grimace emoji doesn’t look very grimace-y, eh? 🤔 This thinking face, on the other hand, is #legit 😎)

“Watch your head, buddy,” Twitch says.

I hear the bed creak. Giggles and squeals. Deep, rumbling laughter. Secretive whispers. I open my eyes and stare at the horizon. Maybe I’m still dreaming. I sure can’t believe it.

Noah simply doesn’t react this way to new people. He’s always shy. Guarded. Borderline defensive. It takes an eternity for him to warm up to somebody. Anybody.

Besides his dad, it seems.

I wonder if he told him. I wonder if Noah guessed on his own. I wonder what the hell my parental rights are.

Twitch comes up behind me just as my brain implodes. And when my brain implodes, I can’t be held accountable for my actions.

He catches my wrist as I turn and take a swing at him. The man has insane reflexes. He allows the follow-up to connect though.

“I know what you’re doing,” I hiss.

Rubbing his jaw, Twitch actually has the nerve to smile. “Letting you slap me around?”

Yeah, real cute. I don’t buy it. “Stop trying to scare me.”

His smile falters. “Seriously?”

I don’t need to answer. This isn’t an exchange or fucking debate. I’m calling him out on his bullshit. Even if he doesn’t look guilty. Even if he looks dejected and hurt like I’ve stolen his lunch money.

“I left you a note, Sid.”


“Did you read the damn note?”

Must’ve missed that.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

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6 thoughts on “WEEK 84: I know

  1. Do you have a release date for Sinful Silence, Goodreads had the date as 12/26/17 but it never came out. Thank you

    1. Miss Deborah!! 😘

      First things first, thanks a bunch for reading these random bits!! As for Sinful Silence, I’m not entirely sure. Worst answer ever, eh? 😅

      Seriously, though, I’ll try my best for next month…hopefully?

      Big hugs,

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