WEEK 19: If that’s the case…

Prompted by: Laura Larios


God help me…

“I’ve missed you.”

It’s been over ten goddamn years and that’s the first thing she says to me? I’ve missed you? Really??

“Tom,” my name rolls off her tongue again.

As if it’s the most natural thing in the world. As if it belongs there and nowhere else.

Dear God, please help me…

Because every fiber of my being is screaming to reach for her. Just like it did on that day. Just like it’s never stopped doing since then. Every single day. Every single waking moment of every single day.

Balling my hands into fists because you’d better believe they’re shaking like nobody’s business, I keep on walking. I keep on fucking walking. I don’t even know why. It’s just what I’ve done for the past decade.

The truth is I never knew why. All I knew was that she deserved better. That she deserved the best.

And I sure as hell couldn’t give it to her. Not after what I’d lost. Not after what I’d seen. Not after what I’d become. Not after what I’d done.

Never after what I’d fucking done.

I came back as nothing.

I’m still nothing.

You wanna know else I am?

Screwed to shit.

Because her fingers wrap around my arm. Firmly. Without hesitation.

“Don’t touch me, kiddo,” I hiss, attempting to jerk out of her grasp.

She doesn’t let go. “You remember my nickname.”

My head’s spinning. My heart’s pounding. My ears are ringing like mad. My voice cracks as I say, “I remember everything about you.”

“Well, if that’s the case…”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

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18 thoughts on “WEEK 19: If that’s the case…

  1. Oh, no, you two are arguing again….Queen Amanda to the rescue! You’re both the best!!!

    Mistress Ann, wow! Like a cliff hanger…don’t leave me hanging. What happens next? Tell us. Now.
    Wonderful job, yet again.

    “My eyelids hurt,” she groaned as she rubbed her eyes.
    “Last night was…”

    1. Noooo! YOU’RE both the best!! And just for the record, my website settings won’t let me reply to Princess Jane, or else I’d have continued arguing 😛

      Thank youuu! And, ummm, I have zero clue what happens next. Ask me on Sunday around 11pm hahahaha!!

      No, seriously.

      Fantastic suggestions, Queen Amanda!!!


      1. That means I win, Mistress Ann, because my comment is last, so that proves that YOU are the best!! Although I’ll amend it to you and Queen Amanda are the best!!

        And get that brain of yours working on next week’s story because you made me wait an extra 45 minutes for this one and I already have to wait a week for the next part of the story so it has to be ready to go at midnight next week!!

        1. Hahaha! I’m sorry for making you wait, PJ!! Although, I never think about the flash fic till Sunday when I actually go to write it 😛 Annnd for anyone who’s curious…

          I was chatting with the lovely Princess Jane last night when I realized two things:

          1) It was 11:58pm
          2) I’d totally forgotten about the flash fiction
          3) Oops

          FINAL VERDICT: We’re ALL the bestest ever!!! (except me, when I forget stuff haha)

  2. Whoa. Why do you keep doing this to us with the cliffhangers?! Love the “kiddo” nickname.

    Prompts –
    What do you want me to explain??
    You’re so exasperating!
    Why don’t you think…

    1. Cuz torturing you with cliffies makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…
      MUHAHAHAHAAAAA!! Please don’t leave me. 😛

      Aiya! Stupendous prompts as always, Miss Reader Laura!!


  3. *sneaks in after being MIA for weeks*
    In a dash, he came to her rescue.
    He rolled up, she looked unsure.
    “Are you sure?”
    He reached out to her.
    He stumbled as he …
    Dizzy, he tried to breathe.
    *sneezes… tries to shake off germs from toddlers*
    *offers a package of hermetically sealed and sanitized skittles*

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