WEEK 2: In darkness, he awakens

Prompted by: LesleyLu5

He exhales.


His breath forms a cloud of vapor. Then dissipates into nothingness.

It’s one of those moments.

That no poet can describe. No painter can do justice. No critic can find fault.

It’s the type of moment that makes you question whether you’re even awake. Because something so glorious can only be a fleeting dream. A flash of imagination. A flicker of fantasy.

It’s the type of moment that makes you question whether you’re even alive. Because no living being on Earth has earned the right to bear witness to such beauty. Such wonder. Such ultimate perfection.


It’s one of those moments.

Even beneath a dim canopy of early morning, the initial blush of day is overwhelming. The first rays of sunlight nearly blind him. Glistening. Sparkling. Like the collective brilliance of countless diamonds all converging into one place. A singular point.

Exactly where he stands.

He squints slightly. Because he has to. It’s too bright. But he never blinks. Because he can’t. It’s simply…

Too bright.

Leaning lazily against the railing, he gazes out at the breathtaking view.

The break of dawn over a canvas of mountains. The peak of winter surrounded by virgin snow.

It’s just one of those moments.

Where you feel everything. Humble. Powerful. Miniscule. Infinite. All at once. And…

“Hey, handsome.”

He freezes. Doesn’t speak.

Because he knows. Even before it happens. Even before he’s pulled back into the void of consciousness. Dragged back into the black hole of reality. He already knows.

It’s nothing more than a fleeting dream. A flash of imagination. A flicker of fantasy.

“Wake up.”

Her voice is so sweet. So incredibly sweet. And yet, so impossibly…


Reluctantly, he opens his eyes.

Eyes that have never seen a sunrise. Or sunset. Or even the light of day.

In darkness, he awakens.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys?

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

13 thoughts on “WEEK 2: In darkness, he awakens

  1. Nice little short there…. not that we’d expect any less… I think you just love keeping your skills sharp….

    New prompt:
    He/she stopped, the moment was pregnant……

    1. *smirks* *sharpens my butter knife* *frowns*

      Haha, you totally have me pegged, Miss DJ. I DO love challenging myself. While I adore writing wounded hero fluff sooooo much, I have this fear of falling into a rut where that’s all I can do *gasp* So you are 100% correct, ma’am! Annnnnd I thank you for your support!!


    1. Thank you, Jersey girl! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!

      Hahaha yes, me too! I feel that way even while writing. Like, these are super duper short, eh? I literally have to stop myself, or else I’d totally get carried away and not write what I’m actually supposed to be writing *coughs* Hart of His *coughs* …

      Might you possibly have any ideas for next week, ma’am? 😀

  2. I… I actually felt something beating in my chest after I read that. Very nice.

    “Her hands felt his lifeless body”

    1. That’s just acid reflux, buddy 😛

      Seriously, though, thanks a lottle (like a little but a lot, ya follow?) 🙂
      And you’re totally walking down my alley with that prompt *grins evilly*

      P.S. – I tweaked the ending a touch. Since you couldn’t tell he was blind… *sigh*

  3. In her hands he lay his trust…
    Before him lay a path anew.
    He did not trust his strength.

    Or, if you’re a stickler for the five word rule…
    In her hands, he trusts.
    Nervously, he stepped forward.
    She stole a secret glance.
    He cast his eyes downward.
    Things were not the same.
    He closed his eyes thoughtfully.
    He exhaled and carefully began.
    Regretfully, he lost his bearings.

  4. Oh, just reread the rules and saw it was upped to seven, oops! Gives me a bit more wiggle room… Here goes nothing!
    She admired his uneven gait.
    He was ashamed, she made him proud.
    In weakness, he wondered why she came.
    She saw him at the counter, daily.
    He grunted through the workout wondering “why?”
    Everyday he ordered the same drink.
    He sadly watched her walk away.
    She returned to him smiling suggestively.
    “Will I be the same?” he wondered.

  5. PS, When I go back and reread my comments, I swear my sugestions can be cobbled together into their own short story, lol!

    1. Bahahahaha, Miss Lu5!

      OMG, you totally could mash em together!! Hmm…maybe you…SHOULD 😛


      P.S.- This line, “In weakness, he wondered why she came” totally put my mind in the gutter. Or…um…met my mind in the gutter? *smirks*

    1. Oooh, Miss Lesley!

      Thank you for this! I REALLY dig the second prompt. Sooo many different directions to take that sucker. Yep, I think that’s the one for next week 🙂


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