Laura: If that’s the case.

Before I open my eyes, I can tell this is not my room. I don’t know if it’s the smell, the hard mattress, or the angle in which the sun is coming in through the window. I just know.

Speaking of, the sunlight is really bright! I can barely open my eyes.

I slowly force myself to do it because, well, I need wake up and get out of this room that’s not mine.

When I finally open my eyes, I regret it instantly. It feels like someone has stabbed each one with a dagger. And it all suggests that that someone was me. After all, I was the one who insisted that my tiny little body would do great with all those drinks I had last night.

I take a look around. This is definitely not my room. It’s a man’s room. I guess I did it again. When will I learn to control myself?

Let’s see my victim this time, shall we? Oh yeah, I know him. Who could forget a gorgeous face like that? It all comes back to me now. I drank enough to give me this this pounding headache, but I’m not one to forget anything I’ve done after I’ve drank too much.

I remember meeting him in that bar. I remember the three (or was it four?) beers I had there. Then the party afterwards, the tequilas, the dancing. I remember him pulling me onto his lap and kissing me passionately. I remember coming to his apartment, because yeah, I asked him to bring me here. I remember it all. And, one thing I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life is, hands down, the best oral sex I’ve ever had. If this headache would let me, I would stand up and clap until my hands hurt. A standing ovation is what he deserves. Wow!

I remember other things as well. Odd things I’ve never encountered with other men, and that I probably won’t forget either. For instance, the fact that when I sat on his lap his legs felt like they were made only of skin and bones. And how at that instant, they started jumping, apparently for no reason. I remember his face of embarrassment when he told me that he couldn’t, you know, get it up. Perhaps that why he’s so skilled with his mouth.

Okay, maybe I should stop thinking about his skillful mouth now, and start thinking about getting out of here. I’ve delayed my walk of shame for too long. It’s time…

I turn my whole body towards him and hold my head up with my hand, elbow buried in the pillow bearing all the weight. I stare at him for a few seconds; he looks so freaking adorable that I almost don’t want to wake him up just so I can spend the day watching him sleep.

I softly pat his shoulder, and figuring his head might be as ready as mine to explode, I say in a hushed voice, “Um, sweetie… I have to go.”

He shuffles a bit and without opening his eyes, he grunts as he turns his body in my direction, using only those strong arms that I very much had the opportunity to touch and admire up close. He then wraps them around my waist, pulls me closer to him and holds me there tightly…

If that’s the case… I guess I can stay a little longer.

3 thoughts on “Laura: If that’s the case.

  1. Oh, my word…

    That was so freakin’ amazeballs, Miss Laura!! Wow. So much is so few words. Wooow.

    Thank youuuuu for sharing!


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