Lu5: There was nothing left

Franklyn opened his eyes, stretching his arms and yawning as he awakened. He noticed that Delphina had woke up early and left him to sleep in. It was awfully quiet, but he assumed that she decided to go make a coffee run, as she liked to do from time to time. He transferred to his chair and went to the bathroom to take care of business. It was then, that he noticed something was off. Delphina’s toothbrush was missing. Maybe she decided it was time to replace it? He thought to himself, as he carried on with his morning routine. Franklyn went on to get dressed and made his way to the kitchen where he saw a note on the counter. As he looked around he noticed her coffee cup was gone.  He picked up the note. “No, no, no, no!!!” He shouted. He went to his closet and looked at the space that he had put aside for her. The now, completely empty space. He went back into the bathroom. He panicked, all of her shampoos, soaps, lotions and potions were gone. There was nothing left of her. She had left a note and disappeared in the middle of the night. How could she? He read her note again, in total disbelief.

“Dear Franklyn, I have decided to leave you. It is nothing you did, but I just need some time alone. My heart feels numb, vacant and you don’t deserve that. How can I offer you, my love, when there is nothing left in my heart to give you. I may be back if I can make it through this.  I’m sorry to make you suffer, but I think dealing with me, with this emptiness inside would cause you far more suffering.Please don’t come after me. Hopefully, by the time you read this I will be long gone. I have packed up my things from my apartment along with the things I had here and put them in storage. I am so sorry to spring this on you, but you may need to move on from me, I am not worthy of you.

Goodbye Love,

    Delphina “

He was dumbfounded, he knew that she hadn’t been quite herself lately, but he had no idea that she was that far gone that she felt she had to leave him and her whole life here. He rolled over to the balcony and just sat there, bewildered. She said it wasn’t his fault, but how could he not have noticed something was wrong. His heart ached at the worry that she might not seek the help she needed. Where was she going? Was she going to her hometown? He hoped her hometown was where she would go so that she could get the support that she clearly needed. He racked his brain, trying to remember if she had mentioned something that should have clued him in, but he could recall nothing. Now, he was the one being left with a broken heart, and he felt a twinge of envy at her numb heart, because right now, he was left with a pain that he didn’t want to deal with.

3 thoughts on “Lu5: There was nothing left

  1. Ooooh, Miss Lesley!

    Short and powerful. Just how I dig em! Not to mention, it’s your darkest piece ever….

    Angst-loving hugs,

  2. Just now saw this. How did I miss it. I aS the same way in thinking how to get them back together. It was a heart breaker

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