Lu5: “Ugh” she groaned.

“Ugh!” she groaned as she bonked her head on the desk.

She assumed that  Landon was too busy working on his project, to notice her grunt, but a moment later, she learned she was wrong.

Landon removed his headphones and walked across the room to her.“Babe, what’s going on? Why are you so…” his hands found her tense shoulders, “well, tense? I had no idea a 2-year-old class could cause so much tension?”

Elisa laughed, “You had no idea a 2-year-old class could cause stress?”

Landon shrugged his shoulders.”Well, I thought it’d be easy. You know, just making sure they didn’t hurt each other and climb up the walls.”

Elisa sighed. “If only! There is so much to plan, there’s the obvious, like lesson plans but then there are things like how  I have to make sure the centers have the right balance of materials, not too much, but not too little. They have to be age appropriate, but I have to make sure they meet the needs of all the kids, including the ones that are a little behind. Then I have to make sure my director approves of my set up, and…”

Landon interrupted her. “Elisa, honey, I think you need a break. You wanna go for a walk? I could use a break too, a change of pace will do us both good.”

Elisa sighed. She knew he was right, he always knew when she needed to get out of her own head and out into the world for a bit. “I don’t know Landon, I’m feeling soooo tired, I think I might melt into the floor instead.”

“Come on Elisa, who is going to be my guide dog if I go by myself? I might get lost and I won’t have a Lassie to run home and let you know I’ve fallen down the well.”

Elisa sighed again. “All right, but I’m going to make you work for it..”

“Make me work for it? What are you thinking you cheeky girl?”

Elisa rubbed her hands together “ I’m going to make you chase me for a bit, good old marco polo style!”

Now it was Landon who sighed. “Really, are you going to do that to me?”

“Yup! You have to find me, oh  three times before we go on our walk. Once we get to the park, We may play a bit of Marco Polo, if you are up for it. Are you ready Landon?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” He said with a grin. He acted like he was annoyed, but he kinda liked their little games.

Elisa quietly walked to the back of the house. As she walked, she watched Landon carefully turning his ear in the direction which she walked and she could tell that he was listening very carefully to hear any clues that would give away her direction. He started to walk in her direction, so she held her breath and threw a pillow in the opposite direction to try to throw him off.

“Hey, that’s not fair! No misdirections!”

Elisa giggled, Landon zeroed in on her and pulled her into a hug.

“Do we really need to go through this two more times? You know I’ll find you, every time.” He said with a smile as he began kissing her.

“Well, maybe not. Honey, I’m kind of thinking of something else we can do instead of a walk in the park that’ll clear my head. Do you need me to guide you?”

Landon grinned, “I think I know the the way.” He grabbed her hand as he led the way to the bedroom.


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