WEEK 9: No way I’m doing THAT!

Prompted by: Anna

“No way I’m doing THAT!”

“Why not?”

“You know I’m too shy.”

“I dare you.”

“Are you being serious?”


I glare at my best friend. “What are you? Five?”

“I double dare you.”

“You’re five,” I mutter, rolling my eyes. “I’m an adult.”

“You’re not an adult. You’re chicken shit.”

“Adult chicken shit.”

“Baby chicken shit.”


She’s right. It’s true. I AM chicken shit. Not the adult kind either.

“And you’re gonna regret it if you don’t.”


She’s right about that too. I’m the queen of regret. I rule the kingdom of regret. With an iron fist.

But not today.

Today, I grit my teeth. Wipe my hands on my jeans. Because, yes, my palms are clammy. Stand up from the bleachers. Wobble slightly. Because, yes, my knees are shaky. Take a deep breath. Then another. Because, yes, I might pass out. Make my way toward the track field. Slow as molasses. Because, yes, I’m still chicken shit. BABY chicken shit.

He’s sitting on the grass.

I stop in front of him.

His bronzed skin glistens with sweat.

I lick my lips – I’d much rather lick him – and open my mouth to speak…

He beats me to it. “Sure took you long enough.”


His voice is low. “You’ve been staring at me.”


His gaze remains downcast. “The entire practice.”


He pauses for a second. “Because of my leg.”


His hands slide the prosthetic limb off. “Right?”


He finally looks up at me. With the world’s most beautiful eyes. “Why, then?”

I smile and say, “Because you have the world’s most beautiful eyes.”

Slowly, he smiles back…

And you know what?

He has the world’s most beautiful smile too.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

26 thoughts on “WEEK 9: No way I’m doing THAT!

    1. Hahaha! That makes me sound so freakin’ sappy, Miss Lesley!! I must not be feeling well, eh? 😉 Glad you loved it!!


  1. Your responses are special because they contain so much surprise. I start reading them and I never know to which direction the next line is going to take me! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. Umm. Pretty sure that’s because… *whispers* …I never know which direction the next line is gonna take me either hahahahaha!! Scary, eh? 😉

      Thank YOU so much for reading, sc!


    1. Oh, gawd! I hope not!! I’m supposed to be the queen of angst!!! We’ll just blame it on the cheesecake I ate today (actually had a huge, delicious slice haha!)…

      Thank you, Miss AnRo!


  2. omg, omg omg!! All 3 entries are great. And 2 blind guys in 2 weeks. omg again. As the other reviews mentioned, it would be EXCELLENT to have just blind guys one week. I don’t have too many good suggestions for prompt though. Hope the awesome authors can pick a prompt and do just blind guys. My dev fantasies:)

    1. Hahaha Miss Kara!

      I throw in blindness every once in a while (not that I know what the heck I’m writing LOL) but I think Miss Lu5 is your go-to for that, eh? 😉 With that being said, if the prompt fits…


  3. (Little dance of happiness) love the story 😍 Thanks, Miss Ann!!!

    And some more prompts (not so sweet this time 😜) as it seems a little thin on those so far this week (although I think the one MF put in is great)
    – pfff, see if I care
    – bite me!
    – honestly?

    1. Nooo… *joins in the happy dance* …thank YOU, Miss Anna!

      And thank you soooo much for the awesome suggestions!! Your last one wasn’t even sweet. I just turned it into a sugar fest. AnRo’s right, I must be getting soft…

      *frowns**applies war paint**growls*

      Next week is gonna be UGLY!!!! 😛


  4. Hi Ann! Love the supportive best friend who knows the narrator is a dev.
    Prompt idea: Only one of you can push.

    1. Hi MN!!

      Oooooh! Interesting prompt! Never even thought of that one before!! I dig it!!! Thank you!!!


      P.S. – The narrator isn’t a dev. Just a woman who can’t resist the world’s most beautiful eyes. And smile, of course 😉

  5. Eep I forgot to comment because I didn’t have any prompt ideas when I first read it. And now I’m late. Oops. Anyyyyway. Amazing, as always!!
    Prompts –
    “Don’t. Move.”
    “Take a seat!” She invited.
    “I see” he mused.

    1. Never too late! Well, unless we’re already on next week’s prompt hahaha!!

      Thank you for the prompt, anon! Gosh, I might just HAVE to do a blind hero, eh? 😛


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