WEEK 27: Not like this

Prompted by: Tara Woods Turner

Have you ever woken up in the trunk of a moving vehicle before?


Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. With my mouth gagged and my wrists bound together behind my back.

You think I should be panic-stricken. Losing my shit. Praying to God. Bawling my eyes out hysterically. Like a proper damsel in distress. And you might be right…

Except I’m the furthest thing from a damsel and I don’t feel the least bit distressed.

The only thing I feel is pissed off.

I can’t believe he chloroformed me.

That bastard.

I can’t believe he actually fucking chloroformed me.

Oh, and did I forget to mention I know who the driver is?

Because I do.

In fact, I know every single last detail about him.

He’s dangerous.

The deadly type of dangerous.

I’m not being melodramatic. If anything, I’m downplaying it. I’ve seen him kill people without a second thought. He even shot a man inches away from my face once.

Point blank.

He’s a sick, twisted psycho.

Then again, considering how I’d felt nothing but satisfaction as the warm blood splattered across my cheek…

Maybe I’m equally sick and just as twisted.

That asshole deserved to die.

All assholes deserve to die.

This asshole deserves to die too.

Of course, he’d say the same thing about me.

You see, I betrayed him in the worst way possible and he hasn’t forgiven me yet. I know he hasn’t. He never will.

Forgiveness isn’t in his wheelhouse.

Revenge is the name of his game.

And he always plays death as the trump card.

So I’m not safe.

There’s a pretty good chance he’ll end up killing me.

But not today.

Not like this.

He’s still my husband after all.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

24 thoughts on “WEEK 27: Not like this

  1. Oh, my goodness this is my favourite flash fiction so far!! I LOVE it!! Absolutely LOVE it!!!!!

    Prompt suggestion . . .

      1. I so want to see these two again! I want to see them kill someone together! So awesome!! I am sooooo totally in love with this flash fiction!!

  2. Love, Love, Love it!!! That was awesome!! Already thinking up ideas for mine! This weeks topic is amazing!!!

  3. Wow! This was epic! I loved every bit, especially the last line. Keep this story line going for awhile:)

    Prompt: Drink up.
    It’s almost time.

  4. Ok so, I have been wracking my brain! I’m not good at this whole thinking up prompts! So here it is!

    I know you!

    Ember 🙂

  5. Quite honestly haven’t decided if I like it or not… Love the flow of it though. Maybe just not the topic quite as much.

    Prompts —
    “I can’t wait!”
    “I’m so confused!” She cried desperately.


    1. Helloooo, Miss (reader) Laura!

      Thank you oodles for reading and prompting, as always!! It might get even darker, though, sooo…

      I apologize in advance for my futures offenses 😛


  6. You are getting in touch with your inner darkness indeed, and bloodiness! One might say their’s a Beatrix Kiddo in there, struggling to get out 😉

  7. *coughs from all the dust bunnies and cobwebs*
    Sorry, the passage way to here got dusty! Here’s some prompts for you Ann!!
    She held the waterpik, smiling wickedly.
    In utter anguish, he dropped.
    He stared back at her mocking eyes.
    She held the one thing he needed.
    She was not holding back anything.
    He entered her closet and was shocked.
    She entered the bedroom silently.
    He struggled to find his way back.
    Hide and seek had gone too far.
    Why do I need a blindfold?
    He tried crawling, but lacked strength.
    Can I trust you?
    The lights faded to black.
    Trust me, we can do this.
    She smacked him, she had no pity.
    Ginger? What are doing with that?
    His eyes grew wide as he comprehended .
    The name’s Honey, but I’m not sweet.

  8. Okay, apparently I’ve got a few more ideas…
    The safe word is “Yeti”.
    His body ached from yesterday.
    She took him to a playground?
    He had sand in every nook and cranny.
    The cops showed up, we were naked.
    How did I get here?
    He blinked, dazed and confused.
    He awoke to realize she hid everything.
    Who was she?
    He felt her prying eyes.
    To some torture, to him pleasure.
    The pressure was nearly unbearable.

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