WEEK 58: Only one

Prompted by: Jane Blythe a.k.a. Princess Jane

The crazy author says: R.I.P. Tech & Julia 😔 Time for a new storyline…


The last thing I remember with any certainty. Bright, blinding headlights. Everything after that feels like a drunken daze. Everything before that is my worst nightmare come to life. Everything I care about exists in one person…


Only one.

Gia. Gia. Gia.

My tongue feels like solid metal. My mouth tastes like burnt rust. All that comes out is a low groan. I swallow hard and try again. Another groan.

“Shh, I’m here.” Cool fingertips press against my lips. A warm kiss descends from the heavens to gently graze my brow. “I’m right here.”

I reply instantly.

Are you okay? Are you hurt?

More groaning. Fucking brilliant. I attempt to open my eyes. Not happening. Some bastard’s sealed them shut with cement. My own silent screams continue to ring in my ears.

Tell me you’re not hurt. Please, just tell me, damn it.

I must be thrashing because a small, familiar hand lands on my shoulder.

The air smells like vanilla.

My angel whispers, “Everything’s gonna be fine.”

And I surrender to oblivion.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

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17 thoughts on “WEEK 58: Only one

  1. It’s so exciting when you choose one of my prompts!!

    So good!! I miss Tech and Julia but this is a great new story!! I love it lots already!!

    Prompt suggestion
    What’s wrong with me

      1. Yes. Yes I really want you to answer that question. Haha! You’re too funny! And can’t wait to see where this story goes!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed that!!
    You are mine

    Not gonna happen


    It’s a term of endearment

    I will not.

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