Look who I’m hanging out with in the Hot New Releases…

My lovely authoress friend, Ember-Raine Winters, that’s who! We’ve been chillin’ in the Kindle Top 100 for literary romance together and we kinda sorta chill in the damaged character arena together too (her heroine suffers from PTSD) annnd y’all know how much I love screenshots so, yeah.

Tell me that ain’t cool, eh? Don’t really tell me. I’ll cry. Okay, I don’t actually cry since I’m emotionally stunted but I do ramble lots. And lots. Umm, I’m just gonna shut the heck up and leave the lovely links to Miss Ember’s books here cuz hey, that’s much more exciting haha!

Book 1: Beautiful Delusion

Book 2: Beautiful Sacrifice

Plus her stalker links cuz stalking people is pretty freakin’ exciting too. I mean, no, officer, stalking is wrong. Punish me now…


WEEK 47: Walk the line

 Prompted by: Ember-Raine Winters

The crazy author confesses: I went back and deleted the last line from last week so this week would make more sense but anyhoo…

“There’s something you need to know.”

“Your name?” I tease.

“No,” his lips graze my neck, “something else.”

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WEEK 46: The bad boy you just can’t forget

Prompted by: Sandra Portillo

The crazy author says: No idea where I’m going with this but we’re going, going, gone…

As the low hum of his invite lulls me further into submission, I struggle to stay afloat, desperate to keep my head above water. Before I get sucked under and drown, I need him to, “Tell me your name first.”

“Tech,” he answers and squeezes me tighter, making my ribs creak. “Yours?”



I resist the urge to gasp for air.

His thumb presses against my mouth and tugs downward, parting my lips. The simple action sets each cell on fire, strips every nerve completely raw, extracting a moan from my throat. I can’t stop it. I don’t even try. The anticipation is unbearable. I know he’s about to kiss me…

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A day in the life of an Annie Arcane cover…

Last night I dreamt this:

Then woke up to see this:

And was suddenly like this:

Before everything went dark:

And I experienced pain:

Unimaginable pain:

Now I’m like this:

Because I realize you see this:

But she’s really more like this:

The days are grueling.
The nights are torture.
Yet, I will never leave.

I love my Mistress.
I know she feels the same.
And only wants the best for me.


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WEEK 45: Don’t apologize

Prompted by: Murlene Crowley

The crazy author says: Perhaps my edge has returned a bit. Still much, muuuch duller than Slim & Izzy though…

I battle my way through the sea of sticky, sweaty bodies and locate a free piece of real estate on the disgusting dance floor before I turn around and realize I lost him.

Of course.


Cringing, I’m about to make my way back toward the bar when my legs are suddenly taken out from under me.

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On Friday, the lovely Miss Amy said:

Isn’t this the best thing ever???? Lol, you should do a flash fiction based on the premise of the idea. What did she/he reply back??”

Why, yes. Yes, it is. Not to mention, I adore this woman something fierce sooo…

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