WEEK 63: The burn, it soothes me

Prompted by: AnRo

The crazy author says: Maybe we’ll switch the POV next week. Ehh, maybe not. Dunno yet…

Then he starts to purr and I melt into an instant puddle.

I swear to God, my colossus of a man sounds like a fluffy, newborn kitten. Yeah, we’ve been reduced to kittens and fucking puddles. It doesn’t even matter. I’m perfectly content.

Until he shifts to nuzzle closer and leaves a trail of fresh blood smeared across my chest.

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WEEK 62: Mom and boy next door

Prompted by: Susan Lage Martin

The crazy author says: Trace is giving me warm fuzzies. Is that normal? I don’t think so…

Trace staggers forward, flattening my spine against the wall, and leans away to look at me.


I can hardly see but I know he’s beautiful. His thumb sweeps across my lashes as a heavy sob breaks from my chest, fragmenting the words, “You s-scared me.”

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Look who (else) I’m hanging out with in the Hot New Releases…

The fantabulous Jane Blythe and I ended up rubbing shoulders in the Kindle Top 100 for literary sagas. She writes romantic suspense with underlying themes of sexual abuse and I write, umm, you already know.

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WEEK 61: You smell like my dead grandmother

Prompted by: Laura

The crazy author says: Yeah, I realize he’d be too drugged up for this to happen but anything’s possible when you combine adrenaline and fiction, right? Riiight? Meh.

One squeeze and he releases me, reaching for the bandage covering his eye.

Tech grabs his wrist. “Stop.”

An agonized sound hammers past its prison of teeth and metal, drowning out the command. If he could scream, he probably would. His hips buck violently and all hell breaks loose.

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WEEK 60: I forgot to breathe

Prompted by: Jane Jago

The crazy author says: Okay, I think my brain kinda crossed over to the “other” side again. Should I be worried? Cuz I’m a tad bit worried…

Tech didn’t just fuck up.

He almost got his brother killed and might’ve left him a vegetable. We don’t know yet. It’s been three days and we don’t know yet.

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SPOILER WARNING: A little extra Cale…

The crazy author says: This random brain vomit happens AFTER the series so don’t read it and be all like, “Nooooo, it’s a spoiler!!!” cuz I’ll be like, “Yesssss, I tried to warn ya!!!” 

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