WEEK 70: I burned them all

Prompted by: Amanda

The crazy author says: Uhh, I just realized we picked Miss Amanda’s prompts twice in a row haha!

Before I get a chance to reply, I’m knocked off-balance by the stampeding herd.

Seizing my arm, Trace yanks me into his chest and swings me to the side. His hand cushions the back of my head as he flattens me against the wall, safely out of harm’s way. His mouth is next to my ear, his breath sending shivers down my spine.

We remain silent while the mob continues to funnel past.

It isn’t until the place has emptied that he finally murmurs, “We’re not done.”

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WEEK 69: Because you need to wear pants

Prompted by: Amanda

The crazy author says: Methinks this storyline is coming to an end soon. Maybe. Probably.

It’s Friday evening and I’m at the theatre.


I almost didn’t go because you need to wear pants in public and I wasn’t in the mood for pants. I was in the mood for undies and bunny slippers. Or bare feet and a hot bath. Plus, the mini bar in my hotel room has a mutant slice of chocolate cake stashed at the very back corner. That would’ve been an added bonus to staying in.

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WEEK 68: The world will end in fire

Prompted by: Jeri T. Ryan

The crazy author says: Burn, baby, burn!

Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe it’s the result of too much stress and too little sleep. Maybe it makes me a psychopath, but I’m ready to douse the planet in gasoline. I’m itching to light a match and turn this ball of dirt into a pile of ashes.

The world will end in fire and he’ll be the first to burn.

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WEEK 67: He’s a dead man

Prompted by: Stacey

The crazy author says: These two were getting too cutesy for me haha!

Trace calmly plucks it from my grasp and stands to his feet.

Blinking, I touch my cheek. It feels warm. I feel dizzy. My mouth goes dry. “Is that what I think it is?”

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WEEK 66: Back to school

Prompted by: Roxanne Victor

The crazy author says: I’m digging these creative prompts a lottle. That’s like a little but a lot, ya know?

“Aww, poor baby.”

He shoots me a glare with murderous intent.

I jump as his hand slams onto the artwork and crumples it into an angry little ball.

Which goes flying in the same direction as the pen.

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A (spoiler-free) sneak peek from Sinful Silence

I don’t hesitate.

I walk straight through the trail of discarded clothes. Jacket. Vest. Dress shirt, cufflinks tossed to the side. Dress pants, suspenders still attached.

All drenched in a deep shade of crimson.

A part of me wants to pick them up. A bigger part of me isn’t ready to see exactly how much blood has been spilled.

My only source of calm, the only reason I don’t panic is this odd sense of comfort beneath my bare feet. No matter how heavy I make my strides, no matter how hard I dig into the carpet, blood isn’t oozing between my toes with every step. So, I’m either too late and he’s already dead…

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WEEK 65: Two coffees and a straw

Prompted by: Sam

The crazy author says: I crammed all 4 of Miss Sam’s suggestions into this bugger…

  1. Two coffees and a straw
  2. Fool me once
  3. Scared shitless
  4. We go way overboard

But he has nothing to worry about. Sunshine will be returned without a scratch on her. His motorized baby is in safe hands.

Besides the obvious offenses, Trace is a responsible, law-abiding citizen. Even though it’s the middle of the night and the streets are barren, he comes to a full stop at every red. I get nervous at the fourth intersection. Because when the light turns green…

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