WEEK 14: “Please,” she begged.

Prompted by: Nicky

I was halfway out the door.


I was halfway out of her life.

“Please,” she begged.

I was halfway out of my goddamn mind.

“Just stop.”

And I had zero intention of stopping.

Not this time.

No matter how much I wanted to. No matter how much it shredded me to pieces. No matter how much it crushed me to f*cking bits.

“You’re such a coward.”

I wouldn’t stop.

“You’ll fight for your country.”

I wouldn’t give in.

“You’ll fight for your men.”

I wouldn’t look back.

“You’ll fight for your stupid honor.”

I wouldn’t…

“But you won’t fight for us.”


“You won’t even try to.”

Clenching my jaw, I muttered, “You deserve better.”

“I don’t want better.”



My heart started pounding.


So hard it made my chest ache. So hard it made my ears ring. So hard it made my vision blur. So damn hard I could barely f*cking breathe.

Because suddenly, her slender arms were wrapping around my waist. Her forehead pressing against my shoulder blades. Her words searing through the cotton of my t-shirt…

“I dig scars.”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

25 thoughts on “WEEK 14: “Please,” she begged.

  1. Wow, tough stuff there. Wonder if he will give in, or just keep on going out of her life…
    Now, for the little prompt suggestions …
    School made him so nervous.
    How was he to cope?
    Her perfume was intoxicating, who was she?
    He transferred to the bench.
    She looked right through him.
    He glared at the waitress.
    He reviled looks of pity.
    Once seated, he wondered “What next?”
    “Again? I can’t do that again.”
    “Why would you think that?”
    He rubbed his scar and growled. (or He rubbed his scar and scowled.)
    He turned to her and…

    1. Hahaha, Miss Lesley!

      I swear to goodness, you could write a flash fic with all your suggestions every week!! Thank you for helping, ma’am!


  2. “You’re nothing but a…”
    His/Her glance shredded me to pieces.
    “Say hi to the devil for me.”
    “Never again,” he promised; pleaded.
    My heart walked back towards him.
    “Nothing you say will change my decision.”
    She killed the words on my lips.
    There was nothing left.

    By the way, I love your work, Miss Ann! Thank you for making the world a brighter (or darker? teehee) place with your writing!

    1. Ooooh, Miss Aurora!

      Those are some wickedly awesome and wonderfully angst-ridden suggestions! Thank you! And thank you for your kind words too!!


      P.S. – Hmm. Probably darker. But I just carry a flashlight 😉

  3. Wow! Always something great from you. That was pretty powerful in so few words.

    Prompt: (which are so hard to think of)

    “I need coffee first,” she demanded.

    1. Awww!


      Thank you very much, Queen Amanda!! As for your suggestion…

      Now THAT is a prompt which resonates with me LMAO!!


        1. Too funny! Mine would’ve been “I need a Blue Monster first.” That’s an energy drink. Okay, it’s a terrible prompt. See? This is why I have all you awesome possums…

          *hugs my dear Queen*

  4. I really love this one!! Totally enjoyable in so few words. Love love love.

    My ideas:
    To me, it’s okay

    I want you to come with me

    By that time…

    It’s not supposed to be this hard

    Wow! That’s hard.

    Don’t, just don’t even try

    Between you and me…

    That’s what she said…(sorry I had to)

    1. My angst-lovin’ sista has arrived! *fist bumps Miss AnRo* Thank you so much for the suggestions!! And now I totally can’t resist…

      TITLE: Mistress Ann plays Tetris

      Chick: Wow! That’s hard.
      Dude: That’s what she said…
      Chick: Quit kidding around!
      Dude: It’s not supposed to be this hard.
      Chick: Well, it is!
      Dude: To me, it’s okay.
      Chick: (pouts)
      Dude: I want you to come *wink wink* with me.
      Chick: Only if you drive.
      Dude: But…
      Chick: Don’t, just don’t even try.
      Dude: Aww, c’mon…
      Chick: Stick shift is too hard for me!

      Tee hee.

        1. Tee hee, thanks, Miss Lesley! I swear to goodness, these little random comment ones are better than my actual flash fic hahaha!!

  5. Good work!

    I tried to come up with some prompts but apparently I can’t even write short prompts so . . . I will keep trying

    1. Haha don’t worry, Princess Jane!

      I just appreciate your comments, period!! I mean… *cracks whip* …hup, hup! 😉


  6. Painful. No one can endure the pain of having to leave the ones they love. The wife and I tried doing the long-distance thing once, and it sucked royal balls! (can say I balls here?)

    1. *GASP* I caused you pain, Mr Matt?

      Wooohoooo! Sorry, but I’m a sadist 😉 Yeah, LD is hard, eh? And royally sucks balls for sure!!


      P.S. – Yes, you can say balls. Balls of yarn. Poké balls. Man balls. Whatevs 😛

  7. No idea what I just clicked on, thinking I was adding a comment…

    But what I tried to say was…

    I think this is my favorite one you’ve done so far. 🙂

    1. You clicked on the like button, Miss Nicky sooo…

      Thanks for the like haha! And thank youuu!! I’m stoked that you dug this one!! 😀


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