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    1. Helloooo, Miss Jen…

      [imagine a low, creepy voice]

      But seriously, I’m not sure I can pinpoint exactly why.

      I’ve been writing damaged heroes (not exclusively) pretty much since I started writing romance at 8 or 9? It started with “mild” disabilities, like scars or some dude getting shot in the leg and walking with a limp, etc. Later on, I was partial to PNR with heroes who had wickedly cool bionic limbs *grins* but as for paraplegics specifically…

      Cale is actually the first one I’ve ever written and it just “happened”. Like, I literally sat down one day and started vomiting this story at random (I’m a pantser so it’s how I always write lol). The nitty gritty research came later cuz I’m OCD about getting details accurate. I dunno how to explain it. Kinda like I’d want a paraplegic to be able to read my stuff without rolling his/her eyes and wondering, “Did this woman do ANY research at all??” 😛

      Hmmm. I’m also a bio nerd and have always been interested in human anatomy/physiology/kinesiology. Not sure if that plays into this whole wounded hero obsession though.

      Annnd OMG, that was so freakin’ long! I dunno if I even answered your question properly 😂 Hope so!! Thank you!!!


    1. Ahhh, Miss Sam!

      Oh, man, I could go on-and-on with this one, eh?

      But I’ll just take the opportunity to say thank you. For reals. This sounds so sappy but I feel all sorts of lucky to have awesome peeps such as yourself not only read my brain vomit but talk to me too. So, yeah, thank youuu 😘


    1. Hiya, Miss Phoebe!

      You know what’s funny? I totally expected to write more sexy scenes with C&M, but then had a bit too much fun writing their banter and got carried away with it *nervous laugh* That said, Slim & Izzy’s story is up next and it can’t be dialogue-heavy since he’s, umm, mute 😂

      Short answer: Yes, most definitely. The next book shall be much less talk and way more action if you know what I mean…? 😏

      Thank you!!


    1. Hello, Miss D!

      Oooh, great questions!! Okay, lemme make a mini numbered list cuz, umm, I really like those 😛

      1) I’ll announce my crazy plan/schedule for the next book this Saturday. You’ll see it’s insanely stupid sooo, just my style 😂 (laughing but not kidding). For now, I’ll say that Slim & Izzy’s story is coming up next annnd…

      1b) It’ll be released in October.

      2) Hmm. I’ll continue posting Monday flash fiction indefinitely (as long as there’s an interest *gulps*) and those seem to be developing into legit storylines, i.e. Tom & unnamed woman, Slim & Izzy, Tech & Julia. If I get brain-obsessed with any of those couples, they’ll likely get a book at some point. That said…

      2b) I plan to post some random scenes and short stories from time-to-time. Quality writing is NOT guaranteed haha!

      3) Thank youuu!!!


    1. Miss Beth!

      *waves happily*

      I’ve actually posted scraps in the past sooo yes, I’ll start posting random stuff like that again periodically, although I gotta warn ya…

      Most of em go nowhere hahaha! More like an exorcising character demons from my mind and being like, “Ah, I feel better now” 😛


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