Bookstore Encounter

Bookstore Encounter…

The Frappuccino.

The glimmer of movement.

The moment of recognition.

The over analysis.

The opportunity.

The moment, going…going…gone.

Resignation and sigh.


They say that bookstores are the perfect place to meet people. Seems true enough, especially if you are the kind of person who likes people who, you know, read books. So as I am often wont to do, I find myself meandering my favorite bookstore as usual. I wander from aisle to aisle, genre to genre, sipping on a Frappuccino, wondering just what sort of book I’m going to end up taking home, and which books I’m going to rationalize myself out of, like a good girl who can’t afford to buy the whole bookstore.

As I aimlessly wander along, I find myself drawn to the shiny objects section of the bookstore. You know that section, where they have the cute stationery and other odds and ends that you really have a hard time resisting. As I’m wandering though, the cutest little Japanese kitty note pads have drawn me in. As I’m oohing and aweing over it, something else shiny catches my eye. Well, proverbially shiny. I catch a gliding movement in the corner of my eye. That very particular gliding movement that I’m drawn to.

Could it be?

I’m almost afraid to look in the direction of the movement for fear of disappointment that it is simply a stroller or other mundane thing that I’m not so interested in. I hesitate and then glance in the direction that caught my attention.

Oh. It is my lucky day it seems.

A handsome guy, seated in a lovely, sleek TiLite.

Well, hello there.

My interior voice is going all sorts of places attempting to make conversation, coming up with all sorts of ideas. The part of my brain connected to the exterior is not so bold. I glance over from across the way, he seems to have stopped to peruse the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section.

Excellent, a good geek is a good thing.

I steal glances, making quick little assessments. Is there a high back or a low back to the chair? Tardis blue frame, unusual choice, I like it. Gathering my wits and psyching myself up, I decide I’m going to make a move. Opportunities like this seldom present themselves to me, and I’m an extrovert, so this should be no problem (or at least I tell myself this).  I make my way over to look at the latest Doctor Who books down the aisle.


I take a moment to process what I see before me. Wow, he is really quite handsome. His complexion, a deep olive  paired with gorgeous hazel eyes, the sort that look like they are made of amber. His hair is lovely and wavy, longish, but not too long, and that sort of brown that is so dark it is nearly black, but not quite. I now find myself hesitating. Sure, getting in the vicinity of this guy was easy enough, but it is an entirely different thing to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.  I wish I had it in me to go up and chat, but I’m not quite there yet. So close and yet, so far.

Wait, he is coming my way! Maybe he’ll see the book I’m sort of half looking at and be interested in it too?

He stops right in front of me and says, “Excuse me, can you grab that book from the top shelf?”

There are FIREWORKS and parades going off in my head, the perfect excuse to start a little small talk! Inside, there are all sorts of things going through my head, all sorts of fantastic, brilliant small talk! The sort of small talk that could surely lead to at least a cup of coffee or something! I’m an intelligent woman, surely I can come up with a fabulous conversation starter, right?

I reply, “Sure, no problem!” and quietly continue browsing, not chatting. Brilliant.

I think to myself “Wow! What an amazing choice of words there, genius! Clearly you’ve scared him off with your amazing conversation starting skills.”  Yup, I’m just not there yet. I had the opportunity, but as he rolls away with the book I grabbed off the shelf for him, I realize that this particular opportunity is gone.

Someday, I will be bold. Someday.

19 thoughts on “Bookstore Encounter

  1. Miss Lesley! Thank you so much for sharing this little story with us! Awww, I hope she gets a second chance to see him again AND makes a move. Hint hint. 😉

    I am soooo fluffin’ ecstatic that you finally gave into my incessant prodding and started to write!! I still can’t believe that you never have before. Grrr. Shame on you! 😛 Seriously though, you have such a beautiful way with words, which was blatantly obvious in all of your emails to me! I, for one, hope that you continue to put that talent to great use. *hugs*

  2. Ohh Lu5 girl we share the same brain!! love this for me its so very very like what happens in my head <3 You've articulated it soo well!! 🙂

      1. lol i saw a hunky para buying pepsi a few weeks ago and was like TAKE ME HOME!!! not really but you know lol 🙂

  3. Ahhh this is so exciting! I loved this!! So excited you wrote it and shared it with us! My name is EJ and I fully support this endeavor and (any following ones) 100%.
    *grins widely and settles in to read it again*

    1. Not making any promises, but I may be in the early, early stages of brainstorming another chance, life being random, with kidney popping up every now and then…

    2. So glad you liked it!!! Because seriously, this is the first creative writing type thing I’ve done since high school (outside of stuff I’ve done with my first graders as part of class writing stuff) and … well… I’m 38! I was kinda nervous about writing it, but good ol’ Hartmann gave me the prodding I needed to give this writing thing the tilt-a-whirl!

  4. This is great. Of course in my brain it ends differently, but real life just so this. I agree, your replays on stories almost as good as reading them and figured you must have a secret author in there. Thanks for letting it out and sharing. Could definitely go for more chapters??

    1. Oops,my reply to you ended up under EJ, because lesson planning and responding to comments spilt my attention enough for goofy errors to happen! So yeah!?, there maybe some brainstorming happening…

  5. Miss Lu5!! Girl I’m so glad you’ve started writing on DH! A wonderful start, tantalisingly minimal in the extreme – hopefully your next piece will have just a tad more action (or at least more than three words of conversation?!). Looking forward to whatever next comes out of that delightful brain of yours(:

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