Icing on the Cake….

It’s late when I get home, and all I could think about all night and all the way home was you… I knew you’d be in bed, asleep, and peaceful. Crazy life keeps us from going to bed together more often than not, but some nights, most nights, I sneak in just for a minute and watch you sleep. I also shamelessly tuck kisses in your neck or gently scratch your back, just between your shoulders. I’m always rewarded when you sigh contentedly and sleepily turn your face towards me for a kiss.

Tonight I have been out finishing up my birthday weekend celebration with the girls, I may have had one or two more cocktails than I should have and I feel cuddly and amorous.

I hope I don’t wake you up coming in; then again I know the sound of my “Girl’s night out” high heels clicking down the hardwood hallway is music to your ears. I wiggle out of my party dress and enjoy how it feels slipping down my hips and thighs, slinky little thing. I step out of my heels and shrink 4 inches at least. The floor feels delicious and cool under my feet. I stretch and wiggle my toes they’re relieved to be free of those pinchy sexy things.

It’s in my nature to just leave my dress there in the little heap it made sliding off me. Alas, I know better and the last thing I want is your little tsks in the morning about my mess on the floor. We’ve grown past that, most days. Every now and again I have a little slip-up and you tease me, so many years of our life together, me learning your quirks and you learning mine. They’re almost comforting now, albeit still annoying I know.

I pull back the blankets on my side of the bed and moan out loud feeling the cool sheets wrap around me. My body is craving the closeness of you and I wiggle and shimmy to find you. Gravity is our friend sometimes and worst enemy others, but in bed, gravity and the weight of my body next to yours push you right into me. I love to wrap around you and accept the gift gravity gives me.  

My leg slides up around your hips and my hand slides up your chest. I prop up onto my elbow so I can lean in and tuck kisses in the sweet spot in your neck, one of the many spots I call mine. You still smell like the faint traces of your cologne and you taste like you…

I kiss and my mouth explores around, gently tonguing, resisting the urge to nibble and feel my teeth graze over the stubble there. I know if I keep this up eventually… I’ll hear it and I’ll know… my fingers dance and walk along your collarbone and my fingers gently just bite into your shoulders. I hear you sigh. I know I’m so very very close. My mouth finds your ear and tenderly teases it between my teeth. I breathe hot and heavy right there, into your ear against your neck, it tickles the hair there and I get what I want a soft moan that tells me you’re waking up, in a most pleasant way, I hope.

Your hands come up and cup my face dragging my mouth to yours, drinking deep kisses. As if I didn’t already want you, these long slow kisses wake me up even more. I feel the fire and want building in my body and move closer in response. My leg wraps around you more possessively. I’m so very eager to be taken, to be yours.

“You taste like pineapple,” you say in a sleepy whisper against my mouth.

“Cocktails and girls night always means fruity flirty fun, dear,” I respond catching your bottom lip to nibble.

My hands stroke over you more aggressively, unconscious of where I’m touching you exactly, just everywhere I can reach. I’m hoping you get the message… I think you do.

I stretch and relax feeling your knuckles graze down over my back and I hear a tsk of disappointment.

“You come to bed kissing my neck, nibbling my ears and you’re not even naked, what were you thinking babe?”

“I was thinking I didn’t know if I could wake you up or not, or if you’d be interested.”

“Since when have I ever turned you down?”

“Good point!” I take another long delicious taste of your lips.

After a few minutes of this wordless communication, we share and speak so well you turn your head away denying me any more kisses and your hands urgently start nudging into me,

“Clothes off, right now!”

“I could say the same about you…lecturing me about clothes when you’re wearing more…”

“I’d say my boxers are equal to your bra and that tiny little scrap of lace you call panties. I’m so thankful I’m the only one who gets to see them, by the way!”

“If you object to my tiny scrap of panties so much perhaps I should do away with them.”

You moan hungrily, “Now, you have the right idea.” I see your devilish grin in the moonlight and it makes me laugh.  

“Now! Don’t make me tear them off.” Your voice becomes more urgent and insistent. I know what that means, it turns me on!

“Mmm but that I’d like to see.”  I stand up on my knees right beside you on the bed, reaching behind me I unhook my bra with a flick of my fingers and pull it off slowly seductively, a little tease. Keeping my arms crossed over them to prolong the seduction.

I straddle over you and lean forward so the fullness of my breasts comes around and hugs your cheeks. You moan when your face is full of them, bringing your hands up to push them together so you can kiss, lick, and enjoy both nipples at once. I moan and press my hips into yours pushing you deeper into the bed.

“Is that better?” I purr breathily into your ear, nibbling it gently. Your response is muffled by the silky mounds embracing your face.

Leaning fully into you feeling your chest pressed against mine, your skin is warm and you’re starting to breathe heavily.

“You want me too?” I whisper suggestively in your ear. It comes out like a question but it’s more of a statement. Of course, you want me, the hungry sucks and licks at my nipples are all I need to know that.  

You drag your mouth away from my nipples and grin up at me. “I had hoped you’d come home and want me, I’m glad I was right. Even if you hadn’t, if you were too drunk on fun with your friends, you’re still delicious when you’re cuddly and sleeping it off. You cling to me.”

“I cling to you always I hope,” I say with a chuckle nibbling little bites along your jaw.

“You’re still wearing panties you know, and as long as you’re wearing panties I can’t have what I want.”

“What exactly do you want dear?” I ask in feigned ignorance, nibbling more intently at your neck and taking more agressive little nips at your ears.

I hover over you, my thighs hugging into your hips and my breasts dangling just over your chest, my nipples grazing your collarbone. You’re kissing and nibbling along my collarbone, waking my desire up more. I moan softly and press my hips into yours intimately feeling you where I want to feel you the most. My hunger and ache for you is almost tangible. My fingertips hold on and press into your shoulders, my fingernails just barely bite into your skin and drag down, in the slightest softest little scratch. My hips grind down into yours; they’re very good at that, it’s almost unconscious. The panties you object to so strongly are growing damper by the minute. Ohh, I do love the way we tease and build fires. I know soon I won’t be able to keep up this game and my body will demand some relief. A little moan escapes me, it eases a pitiful amount of the desire I feel.

“You know what I want, silly girl, asking silly questions,” your response is quickly followed by your mouth latching onto the most tender part of my neck to nibble tease and suck. It’s one of my many weaknesses and you know that, as much as you love exploiting each one. Your hands graze up my sides from my hips, over my ribs pushing into the sides of my breasts. They stroke over me in long lazy caresses that make me stretch and purr like a cat, a most delicious seduction indeed.

I stand up on my knees over you, grabbing your hand and sliding it down my body between my breasts over my stomach, dragging your knuckles over the expanse of soft silken skin. I guide your hand to the apex of my thighs, and deeper, sneaking your fingers under the slip of lace and silk that covers me.

Your breath catches when you find it when your fingers buckle and slip against the silken petals of my sex. I watch your eyes darken and fill with more want than they already had, there’s fire building for us both. It’s no longer flickering to life it’s starting to build. You want me, I know you do and I see it when you start trying to hook your thumbs in the waistband of my panties to pull them down. All I can do is laugh, I love when you’re fired up like this, love when we can meet each other fire for fire and enjoy it all night long.

“Now, how are you going to get those panties off when I’m straddling over you like this?” I tease walking on my knees up your body and grinding my body down onto you. I hover just around where you can feel me and grind my hips seductively into your chest revealing the warmth and wetness you’ve brought about.

You raise your head off the pillow, reaching for me, hoping to kiss the damp lace.

“You want a taste, you want a nibble, and you want to get lost there?” I croon at you, scraping my nails down your arms. “Well, I’m nothing if not accommodating.”

I brace my hands on either side of your head to swing my leg over you. Hopping onto my feet beside the bed, my breasts bounce with my enthusiasm and the moonlight from the window illuminates every curve.

I turn away from you, long tendrils and curls of my hair trailing down my back. I find myself playing coy and shy; I look over my shoulder at you and start slowly teasing my ruined panties down. I pull them just over the curve of my hips, and painstakingly over my ass. I giggle and toss my hair turning to face you again.

“Might as well ensure we’re both naked before we proceed, shall we?” I say after my panties are a forgotten pile on the floor.

I bend forward to give you a chaste little kiss before pulling back the sheet hiding your body from me. I suck in a breath when the moonlight catches you. All angles and long lines, I’ve looked you over a million times but it still takes my breath away. It still has the power to make my pussy gush, especially now. I know stripping your boxers off and seeing you completely naked will only intensify those feelings.

I love the way the bed cradles your body and the way it melts into the mattress. I hook my thumbs in the waistband of your boxers, wiggling them out from under you slowly, carefully. The time spent only allows my eyes to take you in and enjoy you more. Over the tight skin that hugs your hip bones and the soft bulge of your stomach. I straddle your thighs and kiss my way down from your shoulders, nibbling and kissing before my kisses trail down lower beyond your awareness. You moan in delight from the attention and frustration when my attention shifts to my needs instead of feeding yours. You know as well as I do that feeding mine will feed yours.

I work them off until the waistband catches on your cock, it’s bulging and hard. The sight of it makes me moan loudly, it’s an unexpected but thoroughly welcome sight.

“Did you?”

“I’d hoped you would come home like this, pliant with too many cocktails, horny, and wanting me. I planned accordingly.”

I moan again, wrapping my hand around it to stroke its delicious length. You grin at me, mischief twinkles in your eye and you watch my hand move up and down enjoying the warmth of you.

“I’m glad you approve,” you say grinning back at me.

That’s all the encouragement I need to surge our little tryst forward. I quickly tug your boxers down your legs almost violently. Your legs buckle and bounce on the bed from the force. Watching how they fall so limply makes my ache intensify. Quickly, I start crawling up your body to take your mouth again with mine. I want to line our bodies up and dance with you the way we do…

My full breasts dangle down dragging over your stomach and chest the tight points of my nipples teased to life by your warm skin and tickles of chest hair. My soft pillowy thighs hug into your hips as I line my body up with yours to take and enjoy this gift you’ve planned for me.

“Not yet,” you interrupt me. “Let me have what I want first.”

I groan, not in frustration, or surprise, of course, I want to pleasure you too and meet your needs. It just so happens your needs are so very very focused on pleasing me. Honestly, what girl would complain about an arrangement like ours?

I drink from your mouth long and deep, our tongues tangling up together. I love your mouth, I love your kisses they fill me, possess me and are my most favorite thing about us. I know exactly how talented that mouth of yours is and you’re reminding me hoping to lure me off you so you can have what you want.

Your knuckles nudge into my breasts trying to ease me out of the kiss and express your hunger and desire to have your way. I can’t deny you what you want and need when it comes with such pleasurable rewards…

I break our kiss with a shuddering breath climbing off the bed so I can get in position, so I can give you what you want most.

I climb back on the bed my knee at your shoulder swinging my other leg over to the other. My silky wetness is right in your face, yours for the taking. You don’t waste any time. Your tongue is soon parting the tender lips of my sex and digging deeper. I cry out when your tongue swirls around the tightened bud of my clit and you moan against me. The vibrations of it tickle through my sex and I feel another gush of wetness leave me.

“Happy now?” I ask, knowing full well my answer will come soon, not in words but with the expert skill you’ll use to eat me out. Fervent strokes of your tongue and lips against me overwhelm my senses and I fall on my hands over your chest, pushing my sex deeper into your face. My hips respond as well, pushing deeper.

This position on my hands does give me ideas though, taking in the sight of your erection. I can’t help myself while I can still think clearly and I take it deep into my mouth. Licking and sucking its length purely for my own enjoyment, you have what you want a face full of me, I’m going to enjoy a mouth full of you. I get a couple good sucks in enjoying the way your cock feels sliding between my lips and how silky and soft it is against my tongue. I so enjoy this anytime I get the chance to take it and taste you, you’re kind enough to indulge me and I know it turns you on in its own unique way. I lose myself momentarily in the feel of you hard and throbbing against my lips but soon your clever mouth and wicked tongue steal my attention.

There’s nothing slow or tender about your approach, I can tell you have one purpose in mind. You want to make me scream and cry out. You want me to ache and fly into the deepest reaches of pleasure possible. I moan through the mouthful of your cock as your persistent velvety tongue lashes against the silken folds of my pussy. You’ve been thinking about this all night craving it, I can tell. I can imagine quite perfectly the little trail of wetness dribbling down your chin, and you’ve only just begun.

Your mouth is doing its job thoroughly tonguing and licking my sex, coaxing deep moans from my body. My hands seek anything to grab hold of and are soon wrapped around and squeezing into the soft muscles of your thighs. Your cock pressed firmly against my cheek as I lay there panting, riding each wave of pleasure your expert tongue pushes me towards.

Your tongue is hard and urgent sliding in and out of me then trailing down in figure eights to swirl around my straining clit. I cry out, my body tenses, my hips seek more from you and instinctively follow your mouth where it goes. I feel your lips kissing and caressing me while your tongue seeks and tastes every space. I’m so full of ache and panic right on the edge about to spill over into the swirling sparkling world of my pleasure. It only takes a few more strokes of your warm soft tongue to push me off into the deep pools of pleasure filled climax. My pussy tightens and spasms and gushes more wetness over your face. My consciousness drifts back towards the present feeling the moan of pleasure over a job well-done vibrate in your lips.

Gasping for air, clawing for sanity, I brace myself on my arms again breathing hard before you begin your next attack. I know it’s coming soon, and just as I think it, I feel the gentle tender nudges of your tongue inside me again. I feel your hands squeezing into my hips, your knuckles digging into the soft flesh that pads them. They caress over my ass and nudge urgently against me to keep going, keep enjoying… just feeling your hands on me is all the encouragement I need. You know I crave your touch always, different as it is, unconventional; I still love feeling your hands on me. I always have whether it’s caressing my ass at the grocery store or this… pulling my sex tighter into your mouth for you to devour.

I shift my body sitting back onto my knees. I slide my hands down over my body, full breasts with tight nipples straining for attention. I grab your hands off my hips and drag them up over the fullness of my breasts and cup your hands around them. The moan that vibrates through your mouth on my clit tells me you appreciate the gesture.

Shifting my hips so you can take me deeper, I feel so full of you and hungry for more. Your lips are firm when they take hold and suckle my tender bud and your velvety tongue lashes over it again and again. You’re getting serious now, I cry out as the pressure builds inside me feeling a new rush of wetness bursting from me. Just when I don’t think I can take any more you release it to tease me again with long slow passes up and down drawing it out building it up. I shift my hips to catch the hardness of your chin in my slit and wiggle and grind my hips against it. We know this dance we’ve done it countless time over the years and you respond instinctively pushing your hardened warm tongue into the center of me. I squeeze my hands over yours on my breasts and ride it. Grinding the magic button that brings me to climax into your hard scratchy chin, the textures and sensations overwhelm me and soon I cry out as another climax overtakes me. As my body rides and enjoys the thrill racketing through me, I drag your hands down my body. My hands grip into your chest, my fingernails just biting into your skin and dragging as the last most pleasurable wave crashes into me.  

I feel a few more tender kisses on my inner thighs as I come down. I know this is the signal you’re finished with your fun. I wiggle off and lay beside you kissing your cheek and snuggling. My hand stroking up and down your chest, I nuzzle my nose in your cheek and kiss your neck.

“Mmm, you smell like sex, and me.”

“Well, I’d hope so after that, you soaked me, Babe.”

“As per usual,” I answer, grinning, and nibbling your jaw.

“You’re not done yet are you?”

“Oh, no, not at all, there’s still the matter of the surprise you have for me that must be acknowledged and used thoroughly.”

“I aim to please.”

“Mmm, you’ve already done that,” I respond, laying beside you stretching luxuriously.

“You’re a mess though,” I say kissing the remnants of my wetness from your chin.

“We’ll call off the help in the morning and shower together… Then, I can get my hands on you and in you and we can have an encore performance of tonight.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” I answer straddling your body again and leaning forward to nibble your neck. My hips shift around grinding into you while I pepper soft kisses along your scruffy jaw. They numb my lips and I moan out loud when you turn your head to capture my mouth. Deep passionate kisses with the sole purpose of rekindling my fire. My body responds and my hips start working against you rhythmically grinding and pushing into yours pushing and pinning your body to the bed as if gravity wasn’t already accomplishing that. Your hands slide down my curves to squeeze into my hips. The moan in your kiss tells me you enjoy what my body is doing moving against yours. Nibbling your lower lip so I can sit up and we can get down to the business of enjoying every gift your body has for me. Standing on my knees your hands rub up and down the flexed muscles in my thighs as I lower my body down and with a thrust of my hips you’re inside me. I gasp, deliciously full of you and pause to enjoy this moment, our bodies joined as one. The intimacy of it isn’t lost on you even if the awareness of it is. My body knows what to do slowly and carefully rising on my knees, hips moving back and forth along the length of you hard and hot inside me. The pleasure of it erupts from me in a moan. I trail my fingernails slowly down your chest just enough to make your skin prickle and tingle to life. My fire grows and my body starts taking you faster and harder. You love every moan you coax out of me even if your participation isn’t as active as you’d like. I think you enjoy knowing your body is pleasing me.

My hips dig and grind into yours taking you deeper into me. I feel my body hugging your cock and feel the tip of it rubbing against that one spot deep inside the gives me the most pleasure. You can’t know it, but maybe you sense it in the way my body moves over you.

Speed and rhythm increasing at the same time, I try to focus on you. I grip my hands into your shoulders to squeeze and dragging my nails even deeper into your skin. The hiss of pleasure you let out tells me we’re together, you’re riding with me and enjoying what we share.

Rocking my hips into you, the sound of my wetness fills your ears and turns you on more, along with every whimpering moan. It’s building, it’s close. Moving your hand to feel what I feel, your cock inside me, my pussy enveloping it, holding and milking it with every rise and fall of my hips against you. I feel your hand there too, and your knuckles so when I come down and thrust my hips urgently, my clit can catch and grind against them.

“Take me sexy; use me, all for you… “

Your voice is ragged with want and it pushes me higher.  My hips grind harder my body becomes more frantic. My fingers claw at you trying to pull you into me more. Red streaks start to appear on your skin in the moonlight as I grip and scratch and claw my pleasure into your chest. It’s coming a few more hard thrusts of my body down onto you and I’m right on the edge crying out, my breasts bounce from the force of it. The moans only you coax out of my body pierce into the night. They tell you I’m right on the edge doing what you need using your body to send myself over the edge. You moan too and it drives me higher and harder. I grab your other hand lacing my fingers into yours squeezing your hand tightly and I fly off the edge screaming your name as my body pours its pleasure out over you. The last few moans and sighs echo through our bedroom as I enjoy the ride, the last slow thrusts of my hips on you and collapse against your chest hugging you tight.  

Your arms snake and slide around to hold me too. Exhausted and spent full of you and us, my body still holding onto you as I come down and tenderly kiss the scratches and redness on your neck and chest.

“Mmm Happy Birthday, My Everything,” you whisper, placing a tender kiss on my cheek.

I snuggle into you close, rolling over while my leg stays draped across your body possessively. I kiss and nuzzle my nose into your throat.

When I finally catch my breath, I can’t help but giggle, I prop up on my elbow to look down at your chest. The moonlight illuminates the room and I can see the evidence of our lovemaking all over you. Lipstick smudges and scratch marks abound all over your chest, your neck and probably below where I can’t see.

“It’s a good thing we’re calling off the help, there’s proof of our sexcapades written all over your body.”

“I bet, like icing on your birthday cake.”

“Well, you are my favorite flavor,” I say with one last kiss, before snuggling into you for sleep.


10 thoughts on “Icing on the Cake….

  1. Damn that was hot and amazing and I wish I had a woman like that every single day. Keep up the amazing writing and continue to wow us with your hot stories

    1. Thank you Miss Laura… I hope now that life is settling down i can devote some time to reading your story! 😀

    1. Aww well i’m so very glad you enjoyed it… I think i needed one too lol 🙂 First erotica i’ve ever written that got me riled up… Something about quads 😉

  2. That was one of the hottest, amazingly well written pieces I have ever read. I stood up to get a drink from the kitchen after reading and my legs were shaky! Intense… Thank you!

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