Short Stories by Other Authors

Crip Whipped

by Braced

This little story makes Fifty Shades look like a cute and cuddly puppy dog. Christian Grey, eat your heart out…

Disability: Spina Bifida / Genre: Erotica


by Lev

An adorable story that seamlessly integrates romance into the realm of Sci Fi. This one is aimed right at devvy hearts. Short and oh-so-sweet…

Disability: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy / Genre: Romance

City of Lights

by Lavelle

Livia and Gabriel have met in Paris every New Year’s Eve for the past sixteen years, but it’s time to have a serious talk about their relationship…

Disability: Paraplegia / Genre: Romance

Swimming Gear

by Laura

What started as an entry for the writing challenge evolved into so much more…

Disability: Quadriplegia / Genre: Romance