by D.J. Elden

For the man who tangled my wires into perfect harmony with his.

It’s almost bedtime. We’ve had a long day of chasing around little towns and popping in and out of shops. It has been a day full of sightseeing but we’re finally at our bed and breakfast. We’re settling in for the night and lying in a beautiful room cuddling on a wonderful 4 poster bed relaxing after the day.

I’m wearing a soft little night gown and you’re in a t-shirt and boxers. Spooned together you start kissing me from behind kissing my neck and enjoying my body with your hands long strokes of tender affection tracing over my curves. I feel myself melting and relaxing into you. My legs are tangled with yours stroking and enjoying the dead weight of them wrapped around mine. Subconsciously I start playing footsies with your impossibly soft limp feet.

Suddenly you sit up and start moving towards your chair to transfer off the bed. I wonder what wild idea you have that’s interrupted such lazy delicious snuggling. Still I can appreciate watching the muscles in your shoulders ripple with the effort. I wonder where you’re going and what you are doing watching you push your chair across the hard wood floors moving to your suitcase and then mine. I half sit up in bed laughing wondering what has come over you but you hush me and keep looking for whatever it is you’re hoping to find. I lie back down and leave you to whatever silliness you’re up to while I enjoy rolling around the big comfy bed drowning myself in the luscious pillows.

I’m interrupted suddenly when you grab one of my wrists firmly in your hands. I look towards you and watch you loop one of your ties around my wrist and then tie it to the top corner post. Looking at you questioning what it is you’re thinking but your back is turned and you’re coming around the bed to the other side. You grab my other wrist and secure it to the bed. Now I’m officially confused and a little delighted at what is transpiring. I watch as you strip your shirt off and transfer back into bed with me. I’m comforted feeling the soft thud as your butt lands beside me. I am full of curiosity at the little game of mischief you’re planning and tickled with anticipation. You drag yourself closer to me and on top of me. I use my free legs to seek out and help move you on top of me so I can tangle our legs up again. Using my legs to wrap around you and pull you into me but you don’t notice. You start kissing my neck again your hot breath lighting me up and making my body arch up toward you. Your hands gently begin to caress me up and down.

I start asking questions about your plans but they’re muffled and silenced with your mouth. Delicious intoxicating kisses that purge all thought from my head. My body is opening relaxing and blossoming under your touch as you work the whisper soft fabric of my night gown up over my hips stomach and breasts leaving the pool of silken fabric around my neck. You climb on top of me again and I moan longingly feeling your warm chest skin to skin against mine. I wiggle and shift myself under you trying to settle your hips on top of mine to nestle you there between my thighs where I like you best. I feel the hard sharp edge of your pelvic bones pressing into them.

Being tied up gives me a definite disadvantage in how you’re positioned on me. Normally I would take my hands and adjust your hips lining our bodies up together just right. I feel at a significant hardship being totally trapped and helpless and yet insanely turned on. I try to ask you again what your plans are but, before I can get the words out you’ve silenced me with more kisses and a gentle bite to my bottom lip warning me to keep quiet. Your hands start touching me more cruising all over my body. My nipples tighten at your touch and my skin prickles to life. I start to struggle and fight against being tied up willing my body rise to meet your hands. You’re sitting between my legs now touching me all over making my nearly naked body hum to life.

This is so unlike you. I have no idea what your plan is but I know I like it. My brain is blurred with want and ache. I’m trying to make sense of it all while you’re drugging me with pleasure. I try to relax into it and submit my body to the sensuous way you’re massaging my breasts and the teasing way your hand is traveling down over my stomach and thighs. I know you take such immense pleasure in teasing me and making my body light up and sing. I know since your body has changed so much you’ve had to seek out new ways to find your own pleasure and I know that using my body is an instrument of that. My brain is racing trying to make sense of this sudden deliberate assault of yours. I question you repeatedly thru heavy breathing and moans as you start expertly pushing all of my buttons.

“Why did he tie me up… why did attack me like this…” I think to myself. You bite my bottom lip gently and whisper in close to my mouth that you need to be in charge for a while. It’s like you can hear my thoughts. You trace tender kisses along my jaw and reiterate that you need to be the one doing all the work. I moan in excitement at the prospect. I love it when you’re in control when you dominate me and use me to pleasure us both. I also know sometimes you need the tables to turn because you enjoy and even crave being exploited and reminded of your own frailty. I tease and test the waters.

“How are you going to dominate me” I ask in a doubting voice. Showing my strength and fighting against the ties anchoring me to the bed. It interrupts your flow and position. I know I’m playing with fire but I also know my words are going to stoke the fire in you and drive you in whatever delicious adventure you have planned for me.

“How can you overpower and dominate me in that crippled broken body” I spit out and I wait… My answer comes soon when I feel you push my hip over and I hear and feel the hot tingly crack of a spanking land on my ass.  I see the fire ignite in your eyes and I know my lippy little question had the exact effect I wanted. Now you want me more you have something to prove. We both know you’re more than capable of meeting both of our needs I’m just challenging you to show met. It had the desired effect in the end and it’s fueling the seduction you want for us both.

As further punishment for being lippy you gently stuff a scarf into my mouth pinching my nipple at the same time satisfied you’ve silence me adequately when my moan is muffled by the soft fabric. You demonstrate your point further by pulling the fabric of my nightgown up over my head so I can’t see you or anything else that’s going on. The last memory of your face I have is the fire sparking in your eyes.

Now you have me completely my body is laid out before you on the bed like a tempting buffet. The only part of me that’s free is my legs and feet but you have a plan for those too. You need to pay me back for being so cheeky. I’m sure you’re thankful for the big bed so you can you scoot around and drag your body around easily. My brain is abuzz thinking of it wishing I could see and watch you moving yourself around with your arms and pulling your legs behind you. The only hint I have you’re moving is the shifts I feel on the bed and the scruffy sounds your body makes dragging against the sheets.

Finally I feel you sit on top of my legs pinning them down to the bed. My muffled moan telling you I realize I am now completely at your mercy. You set to work right away working harder than before to push my buttons and turn me on. You lean forward bracing yourself on your arms and start kissing my neck your hot breath dancing over my skin. Your body leaning over mine I feel the soft small bulge of your stomach pushing against me while your mouth kisses trails around everywhere it can reach.  Your hands are constantly touching me but frequently coming back to my breasts to squeeze massage and pinch. At times you’re so overcome with want you collapse on top of me breathing hard taking drinks and pulls of my nipples with your mouth.

My legs ache to wrap around you so I can find your body with the center of my throbbing heat and grind it against you. Despite all the ways you have my body pinned and bound I still struggle against it to arch my body to meet your touch. You know you’re tormenting me and you love it. I can imagine the devilish smirk on your face. You scoot yourself back a little so you’re sitting on my knees. I feel the weight of you on my legs and it’s such a turn on. I can only imagine what it looks like you dragging your body around the bed to control mine. I wish I could see it but imagining it might be more delicious.

I feel your fingers hook into the waistband of my panties and moan against the soft scarf in my mouth. It’s delicious torment feeling your fingers tickle the sensitive skin there. I know things are heating up now if you’re taking off my panties and I’m quivering in anticipation of it. You pull them down over my thighs your movement seems so slow and deliberate like torture. I want you to just rip them off and have your way with me but you have other plans. It’s a slow tormenting path those panties take down my thighs until they come to rest at my knees

I feel you moving pulling your leg over mine and then a sudden shift in the bed and I realize I can’t feel you moving around or on me anymore. I try to turn and move my head around but all I see thru my thin nightgown is light. No amount of thrashing dislodges it from covering my face. I crave your touch and am breathless on the bed wanting and wondering where you could’ve gone. I move my free legs around feeling for you kicking and working my panties off in the process. I’m sure they’re soaked so I won’t need them again anyways. When I send them flying with a flick of my foot I hear your gentle tsk from somewhere in the room. Your wheels are nearly silent as they cross the floor to the foot of the bed any sound they make is muffled by my own thrashing around.

When your hand takes hold of my left foot I gasp and lay still anticipating what’s next. I feel your warm breath caressing my foot before your kisses start teasing gently up the sole. Your other hand grabs my right foot and brings them together and you start feathering kisses over both. I moan loudly almost in disappointment. I thought things were heating up but your torment and seduction is only getting started. You trace kisses and feathery touches all over my feet and I feel your hands gently kneading into them. It feels so very good after the crazy heels you made me wear today. I know I can’t kick or move too much not knowing where you are exactly and not wanting to hurt you. You continue enjoying my pretty toes. You know it drives me crazy when you play with my feet. You also know the torment building up inside of me not being able to touch and take care of myself. My fingers curl in their restraints aching to find my wetness and bring some relief.

You know exactly what you’re doing testing your aim locking an arrow on the string and my body is bowing ready to fly but you’re not yet ready to release it  yet…. You’re just testing the string. Your mouth is dancing over my toes teasing and tonguing each one individually. When the cool air in the room caresses and chills them it sends shivers through me. The contrast between your warm silky mouth and cool air only makes my fire burn hotter. I moan feeling your fingers lightly tickle over my arches and instep. Your revenge is divine and achingly slow. I feel your kisses move up my ankles your hands massaging into them as well.

What a deep contrast there is between your legs and mine. You find mine fascinating with their toned muscles and feminine curves.  My calves are shapely and firm with strong muscle that flexes and tightens under your hands. I moan feeling some of the ache and tension I was holding in them release while your fingers dig into them. Pointing my toes and rotating my ankles which drives you crazy and helps me work out the ache. Your legs are just the opposite paralysis has left very little muscle to speak of no tone, no strength, and no control. I find them equally fascinating and I have been known to pay yours the same attention you’re currently giving mine.

Your hands release my legs and my body craves your touch again. I’d pout audibly in the absence of your touch. A few very long agonizing moments later I feel a gentle thud on the bed near my legs and imagine you’ve transferred back onto it. My assumptions are correct when I feel your kisses resume around my knees and over my thighs. You gently encourage my legs to part and start peppering kisses along my inner thighs. It’s all I can do to stay still knowing you’re literally dragging yourself up the bed just to tease and titillate my body. I moan out loud so impatient and frustrated unable to predict what you’ll do next.

Carefully I start moving my feet around the bed searching for you. I need to touch you I need to interact some way with your body. I shift and wiggle trying to find some part of you to stroke with my foot. I discover you’ve discarded your boxers at least. I’m sure I’m irritating you and messing with your game making your body bump and move around while I try to find you with my feet. I know my wiggling and shifting around must be jarring you around especially since the heaviness and unresponsive lower half of your body is unable to do anything to compensate while my feet seek you out to touch and rub.

Finally I feel something the bony curve of your hip I push at it hoping I can trace around with my foot. You make your frustration at being rattled around known with a little nibble on my inner thigh. I gasp at the shocking bite of pain. I’m not giving up yet though. I continue on in my efforts to explore you with my foot. I do try to be more gentle and not disrupt you around more than is necessary. I know part of you loves that I’m using you to add to my experience. I also know that my thigh is rubbing somewhere around your sensation line which is probably working you up as well.  I feel your inner thigh finally and it’s so close to my toes. I know I’m so close…

While I try to focus on the exploration of your body with my foot you begin your own exploration which threatens my concentration. I cry out so loud the scarf does little to muffle me when finally you start to slowly trace your fingers up among the delicate folds of my body.  Your fingers are met with silky wetness more than wetness I’m just plain soaked with want of you. Your fingers tease and explore occasionally dipping inside of me. I’m trying so hard to focus on where my foot is and where it’s hoping to go but I can barely hold on to my thoughts with your hand inside me moving in and out increasing in speed. I move my foot a little more and finally find you semi erect and I moan feeling the warmth and soft skin of you pressed against my foot. I immediately start rubbing my foot over you. Longing to tell you what my foot is up to because I know it would help you but you’re so focused on me on sending me up the mountain and toward the edge.  My foot stroking you to the same rhythm you’re stroking me. I struggle to keep going thru the onslaught of pleasure rocketing thru me but I know if you notice when you notice your brain will spark to life and you’ll join me in the climb.

I feel my body quivering tensing right on the edge and ready to fly. I know you’ve pulled the string back and you’re about to let me sail. I know you sense it too. I feel my body clamp down on your hand so tightly the only way you’ll ever be free is to let the string go and shoot that arrow launching me into orbit.

Out of nowhere you stop so abruptly it’s almost violent. My body deflates and I feel my climax slide down out of reach. Your delicious torment at work my crafty clever man. You’re teasing and using me you know the exact game you’re playing. I know the game I’m playing too. Oh I wish you’d hurry up and notice my foot. My pretty foot with what you claim are the most perfect toes you’ve ever seen is hard at work. It’s stroking teasing and enjoying your growing erection. I feel the heat in your cock pulsing against my arch.

I wonder if you’ve thought to look. Maybe wanting to make sure there’s nothing that could hurt your legs while you drag up the bed. Maybe to check your position but nope you are definitely focused on me. Seemingly the fact that I’m giving you a foot job has escaped your notice… until… I hear you moan and I feel your hand reach down and grab my foot and press it more deeply into you. Your hand starts nudging at my foot encouraging me to keep rubbing. We both know no amount of friction or pressure will help you feel my attention but I know and you know and somewhere in the knowing it increases the fire inside us both.

I start planning my next move my foot still working on you and enjoying the way it feels there. The fact that you’re hard also tells me that this isn’t just fun and games for my benefit you seriously want me and need some release as well nothing short of that need would make your paralyzed lower half come to life.

I know you’re watching I feel your upper body tensing against my thighs. I hear your breathing getting heavier. You must be watching my foot rub and caress you with ease. It fascinates you at times watching how delicately and precisely my feet can move over you and start fires. Has it been so long you’ve forgotten what that’s like?

Moaning out loud I’m full of anticipation and frustration. If only I could touch you with my hands. I could help build that fire. I could stroke my hands up your chest and graze my fingernails down your back. I could flutter my thumbs over your nipples or give them a sharp pinch. If my mouth was free I could burn trails of kisses down your throat and along your collarbone. If only I could see your eyes and meet their gaze with mine. I could see the fire burning in the deep blue pools of them. We could stare our mutual need in the face and ride it together.

I start fighting against the ties anchoring me to the bed. You punish my fight with another assault on the deepest part of me hooking your finger in the secret spot you know brings unfathomable pleasure. In and out your hand moves coaxing my fire building it up again. I’d feel my body warm up again and clamp down on your fingers so tight when your thumb tenderly swirls around my clitoris and your other hand starts pinching and tweaking the nearest nipple. Everything combines every one of my senses is assaulted with delight. Enjoying the weight of your body on mine the hard knife of your hand stabbing into me and the feathery touch where it means the most all combine. You’ve launched your arrow and my fire explodes all over your hand. You encourage me and moan with me in appreciation of your hard work.

My whole body relaxes and I’m no longer fighting anything. My foot even stills its work on your cock. You start kissing my tummy gently and sweetly trying not to ruffle or disturb me while I float back down to earth. I feel you start pulling yourself up the bed gently and I feel you slide out of reach from my foot. I feel your legs trailing up against mine and feel the heat and need start to wake up again inside me again. Always insatiable with you I can’t ever have enough of this perfect union we share.

I still wish I could see you drag yourself up the bed to me. Your mouth finally reaches my breasts you start so innocently kissing and rubbing them it could almost be mistaken for affection. If I didn’t know better I could almost be persuaded to think you were on your way up to cuddle me, kiss me, hold me and drift off to sleep. Such is the case quite often but I know tonight you have other plans. Tonight your needs are demanding attention. I know this is just the intermission. You continue your climb up over me kissing along my collar bone and neck.

Slowly you slip my nightgown up over my head. I blink quickly and see your face hovering above mine gently kissing and nuzzling my cheek while your hands tease up my sides over my shoulders and gently caress my face with the back of your fingers. You pull the scarf from my mouth so gently and immediately silence anything I could say with a deep kiss. I know you’ve had your fun and you did prove your point quite expertly at controlling me but now you need my help… now you need me…

Your hands continue tickling up my arms freeing each one from its bondage. My legs wrap around you and I try to shift and wiggle you into place again. This time I feel the heat and hardness of your cock pressing against the tender sensitive flesh of my thigh. My arms come around you and hold you to me so close both as a means of reconnection after being restrained and as a means of coaxing the flames again. I slide my hands up and down your back knowing you need to feel me. My hands need to feel you too. I need to touch you everywhere and overwhelm your brain with signals and sensation. My hands wander down over your hips and adorable butt that I really only get to enjoy in bed. I start shifting and moving your hips around and settle you between my legs where I feel the heat of you sooo deliciously close to me.

I start kissing your neck and telling you how amazing that was. I continue the process of turning on your brain and getting it fired up even more. My hands working into your shoulders and back communicating my desire. I alternate soft caresses and more needy wanting strokes. Massaging and pushing my fingers into the strong muscles there and gently scratching with my nails. My hands would flirt teasingly with your sensation line trying to wake everything up inside you. My thumbs brush over your nipples while my mouth playfully kisses your neck.

“Did you have fun?” I ask between kisses… “Did you have fun being in control tying me to the bed? “ The only response you give is a moan. My feet stroking firmly down the back of your calves. I know the scruffy sound is registering in your brain and you can guess what I’m doing.  My finger nails tracing up your spine. I know I need to take control back and I’m trying to find a way.

I continue teasing you purring in your ear making you all mushy and turned on. I’m hoping I can blur your senses and you’ll let your guard down. I continue on drinking hungry kisses from your mouth tenderly expertly exploring the depth of it with my tongue. I start rolling on the bed with you first onto our sides touching you the whole time. It feels so good to touch you finally after waiting so long. I should make you kiss my wrists better after tying them up but I need you too much. I’m carefully working toward my goal of sneakily rolling you over. I wiggle here and there until I know I have the upper hand. Using my body and dragging yours with me rolling us both over shifting control.

I’m so thankful for the enormous bed and all the room to move around. It means I finally have you pinned under me with relative ease. I know your legs are a twisted mess and I look back at them and bite my lip they look so good. I tell you how good they look all twisted and tangled. You need no reminder but I still remind you at every opportunity how much your body turns me on. I start stroking my hands over your chest leaning forward to kiss you. I love grinding my hips into yours too making sure purely for my benefit that you’re still as hard as you were. I need to ensure that arousal sticks around awhile longer. Long enough for me to enjoy so I remind you about the foot job I was giving you moments ago. I lean down into you so you feel my breasts pressing against your chest and my hard nipples are little points that tickle you. Leaning close to your ear so you feel the whisper of my hot breath tickle it. I begin reminding you how good it felt to feel you under my foot. I tell you how hot and hard you are. I assure you that not all the signals from your brain to your body are lost. I watch you so closely waiting for the right time to make my next move. Enjoying the feeling of our fevered warm skin pressed intimately together.

“It was so hard not touching you.”  I complain. “I wanted to touch you so badly my hands ached and I needed to see you I needed to see the fire in your eyes” I tell you stroking my hands down your chest where hard strong muscle eventually fades into heated skin and wasted abs. Your hands stroke up my chest capturing and massaging my full breasts eagerly.

It’s too late for teasing and slow turn ons. We’re past that now. We’re both wound too tight. I place my hands over yours on my breasts and guide them to cup, squeeze, and pinch my nipples. I delight in your warm hands so assured and confident you enjoy my breasts and my whole body as much as I enjoy yours.

I take position straddling your hips my knees squeezing into your waist for leverage. I lean forward grabbing your shoulders and sliding my body down onto you. I seek out your eyes with mine so I can finally gaze into their gorgeous blue depths when our bodies finally join as one. Your cock slips inside me so easily and my body takes you embraces all of you. You feel the force vibrate thru your upper body and up into shoulders and you hear me moan welcoming you inside me. My hands abandon your shoulders and come to rest again on top of yours on my breasts. I ride slowly at first. Grinding my hips into your hips and pushing my slippery wet sex onto you. I know even though you can’t feel me you can see the effect it has on me. You can see my arousal in every part of my body and I can see it in yours. I grind and begin to thrust faster with more hunger. You can watch and feel my breasts bounce against your hands. You see when I throw my head back and moan deeply a sound only you coax out of my body. Your ears soon get overwhelmed by the sloppy wet sounds of our sex while I take you inside me.

You know I enjoy using your body every way I can. You count on it all the creative ways we find to meet both of our needs. I work my hips carefully and frantically. I’m so focused on getting you deeper inside until you fully penetrate the most intimate part of me. I could never complain about your skills as a lover you meet every need I have but riding you is such a treat I know you want me to enjoy every moment every hot bounce of my body on top of you pushes me higher. I try so hard to talk to you thru the waves. I know you need to hear me. I know you need to hear me tell you how sexy you are to me and that you’re the exact thing I need. You’re the only thing my body craves. I hear you breathing hot and ragged I know we’re so very very close to the edge. You just need one last push over the edge. I need to give you one last thought to seal the deal and turn our fire into a raging inferno.

I grab your hand and lead it down to where our bodies meet so you can find me and feel us coming together. Your fingers find me and explore the wet silky softness of me and the hard throbbing rod of you. I can see the focus and concentration written all over your face.  If you look at me you’ll see nothing but desire in my eyes a deep desire to please you in some small way to give you a piece of all the pleasure all of the everything you give me. I hear it I know that tell tale moan means that you’re flying off the edge. I grab my free breast pull on the nipple slip down onto you one more time and fly off with you. Our deep cries of pleasure combine together keeping us at the peak of our pleasure. I feel the climax moving thru your chest and my ears sing with the sound of you calling out for me. It pushes me higher still over another closer peak. We ride it together flying so high and floating down so deliciously. I finally collapse on top of you feeling you relax under me. I know you’re spent I know it took a lot of work this seduction of yours. I stretch out over you rolling to your side and cling to you breathing hard and coming down holding you tightly while our deep satisfied breath catches and synchronizes.  My legs start to move again taking their normal place tangled with yours.

6 thoughts on “Tangling

  1. Okay…it’s 2:30 in the AM…and I was planning to go to bed right after I posted this…

    But then I “accidentally” reread it and just have to say I love it just as much the 2nd time around! Some of the descriptions are sooooo yummy!!! Thanks so much for this, D.J.! 😀

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback! I love to hear it so much even if you hate it. Tell me why… I’m so Happy Hartmann asked me to share and i’m so eager to share more and write more!

  3. Very hot. Sexy descriptions. Love the devy parts but wondering about him climaxing and being so hard. I’m assuming some chemical enhancement perhaps? Lovely though

    1. Hi Blueskye! Thanks for the feedback. This story is a couple years old and written maybe when i wasn’t as “well versed” in the way things work as I am today. My idea wasn’t so much that he had like a physical climax as much as a mental one? That is to say being in the moment and enjoying all of the stimulation he could experience satisfied him in his way 🙂 Learning experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! 🙂

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