WEEK 52: Slamming doors and broken glass

Prompted by: AnRo

The crazy author says: Holy late, Batman! Sooo sorry!!!

His baby blues are frozen, yet burning inside.

And I almost miss it.


I almost miss the flicker of pain before a thin layer of frost douses the turbulent flame. It starts at the edges and slowly creeps inward until no warmth remains.

Suppressing a shiver, I reach for him. My fingers grasp shredded denim, his knee right beneath the surface. Desperation lodges in my throat.

He glances at my lips.

Wait, I want to say. Don’t go.

His mouth takes on a faint, wry twist as he calmly removes my hand.

The silence is worse than slamming doors and broken glass. It’s deafening. All I can do is watch helplessly as every wall comes up, high and wide, shutting me out completely. So fast it makes my head spin.

Gripping the push rims until his knuckles blanch, he turns his back to me with a low mutter, “My mistake.”

I reach for him once more.

But it’s too late. He’s already halfway across the room.

“Tech,” I finally whisper.

Pausing at the threshold, his tone is formal like that of a stranger’s, “Please make yourself at home, Julia. You’re welcome to stay as long as you wish.”

I blink. “I’m free to leave?”

A cynical laugh rips from his chest, the polite façade already abandoned. “You’re not a goddamn prisoner. Do whatever the hell you want.”

And then he’s gone.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys?

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18 thoughts on “WEEK 52: Slamming doors and broken glass

  1. Great scene, so much more I can’t wait to learn about these two, looking forward to their book!

    Prompt suggestion
    I don’t have anyone, only myself

  2. I do love when you pick my prompts, mostly because you spin them so well!!!! My god, please give more of this!!!

    1. Oh and prompts:
      A half naked entrance would be fine.
      Come play with us.
      It just wouldn’t be the same.
      I’m ready.
      Why aren’t you running away?

  3. Love this…👍

    Prompt suggestions (first go for me 😀):
    “Better the devil you know”
    “Damned either way”

      1. Aww, dang, Miss Kate!

        Thank you for the kind words and thank youuu for the prompt!!

        Hugs galore,

        P.S. Hmm, the commentary could totally serve dual purpose as another prompt 😛

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