WEEK 11: Sometimes I wonder…

Prompted by: Cat

The crazy author says: As an extra challenge this week, I decided to make every line a “prompt”. At first, I kinda sorta failed. But now I got em all to 7 words or less. At least I hope I did hahaha!!

Sometimes I wonder…

Because you’re gorgeous.

So damn gorgeous.

It takes my breath away.

Every morning.

When I wake up.

And you’re the first thing I see.

Still sleeping.

Only you.

Every line of your face.

The edge of your jaw.

The seam of your lips.

It still takes my breath away.

Every damn morning.

“Waffles or pancakes?”

I startle.

You haven’t moved a muscle.

And now, neither can I.

Because there’s one thing.

That makes my heart race.

Every time.

Every damn time.

Your eyes.



Crystal clear.

Like the summer sky.

Without a cloud in sight.

You waggle your brows.

And repeat the question:

“Waffles or pancakes?”

I blink a few times.

And manage to answer:

“The usual.”

You grin that wicked grin.

And reach for me.

Pull me into your chest.

Kiss me hard.

So damn hard.

That I might pass out.

Finally, you pull away.

Before you say:

“Pass me my legs.”

Sometimes I wonder…

“And I’ll go make us some waffles.”

How the heck I got so lucky.

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

10 thoughts on “WEEK 11: Sometimes I wonder…

    1. Thanks very much, Miss Lavelle!

      I’m kinda long-winded as you know 😛 so this went against all my instincts haha! I’m super happy you liked it!


    1. Chic? *GASP* I’m never called chic!! Oh, you mean the story…yeah…

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Mr Rob!


      P.S. – As much as I dig the Marv avatar, I kinda miss your epic stache 😉

  1. Loved the format! Definitely not what I was expecting, but very cool!

    Prompts –
    “What?! You’ve got to be kidding me!”
    “The sound washed over him”
    “Ugh” she groaned.

    1. Yesss!! *victorious fist pump* I’m glad you enjoyed it, Miss Laura!!

      Your suggestions…ooooh…they’re right up my alley…muhahahahaaa!!!! (that’s my crazy laugh)

      Thank you oodles!!!


  2. I was very happy to see that you choose one of my prompts!
    The two stories that you guys wrote are awesome. Different than what I expected but great!
    I also enjoyed this new style of story you wrote. Very well done!

    My prompts for next Week:
    Once upon a time…
    What are you looking at?
    I spy with my little eye…
    Are you for real?

    1. Aww, thanks, Miss Cat!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!! I don’t think I’ll do it often cuz my guess is that most readers didn’t dig it as much as my “normal” style. But I got an idea in my head and had to try at least once…

      *crazy laughs*

      Annnd you happened to come up with a veeery good prompt so it wasn’t hard to choose (AnRo got her wish haha!) And I see that you keep bringing the goodness!! Yayyy!!! 😀 Thank you oodles!!!


  3. Amazing how well a story works with such short sentences; it’s great!

    Prompt ideas:
    – don’t make me come and get you….
    – WHAT????
    – that’s not just a scratch, she frowned

    1. Thank you very much, Miss Anna! Glad you enjoyed it!!

      And those are some good suggestions. Reeeeallly good…

      *mischevious grin*


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