WEEK 36: Stop that!

Prompted by: AnRo

Something broke.

I couldn’t tell if it was the bones in my hand or the bones in his goddamn face but something fucking broke.

I felt it.

And then I was suddenly airborne. Being dragged away. Kicking and screaming.

Fuck this bullshit.

“Let go of me!”

Didn’t happen.

Fuck this stupid bullshit.

The forearm clasped across my collarbone like a steel vice?

I bit down on it. Hard.

“Stop that!”

Not a chance in hell.

My teeth sank in deeper, a metallic tang of copper coating my taste buds.

“Damn it, Iz.” Slick jerked his arm free, the other one tightening around my waist as he growled, “Are you trying to kill him?”

“Is that a trick question?” I hissed back.

An incredulous snort, followed by, “You’ve got to be shitting me.”

The next smartass reply was about to roll off my tongue when I realized my brother-in-law was no longer talking to me. He’d turned his attention to my husband instead. Who was making a deliberate gesture with his good hand. Or rather, what appeared to be a string of gestures.

“First of all, I can barely understand the half-assed signing,” Slick muttered wryly, his breath hot against my ear, “and second of all, you almost died protecting her.”

Merely a shrug.


Plus some more gesturing.

“God, you’re such a fucking moron.”

Another shrug.

“Hasn’t it cost you enough already?”

A cryptic smile tilted the asshole’s bloody lips…

Taunting me. Daring me. Forcing me to ask, “When?”


I hesitated. “His voice.”

Slick hesitated too. “Three years ago.”

I didn’t really want to know. I couldn’t actually handle the truth. “Was it my fault?”

He stiffened immediately.

That was my answer right there. Yet, for some unknown reason, I still needed somebody to, “Tell me.”


“Just tell me.”

Dead silence.

“Slick, please.”

At last, “Yes.”


“It was your fault.”


The room was starting to spin. My words came out in a hushed whisper, “Put me down.”


“I’m going to be sick.”

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I made a beeline for the washroom. Didn’t even have enough time to lift the damn seat before dropping to my knees and emptying the entire contents of my stomach. Which, luckily, wasn’t much.

Afterward, I reached up to flush the toilet. Then slowly rose to my feet, turned around, and walked over to my husband’s bedside.

For only the second time ever, I witnessed confusion in those sinfully dark eyes.

Because I cupped his perfect jaw, ran a gentle thumb over his gorgeous mouth, leaned down to nudge the tip of his nose with mine and…

Kissed him fucking senseless.

He tasted like blood.

I tasted like vomit.

It was disgusting.

It was perfect.

It was toxic.

It was us.

When I finally pulled away, it gutted me.

I didn’t want to pull away. I never wanted to pull away. Not from him. Not ever.

But you rarely get what you want in life.

Life’s a bitch.

A royal fucking bitch.

Grabbing the divorce papers from his lap, I unrolled them and carefully smoothed out the creases.

“I need a pen.”

What’s the prompt for next week, guys? 

Make suggestions below. 7 words or less.

26 thoughts on “WEEK 36: Stop that!

  1. I always feel happy for one second when I finish reading the next scene in this story and then I start waiting for next week!

    Prompt suggestion, as promised its a pink themed one!
    Oh! What a beautiful shade of pink!

    1. LOL you’re too funny! 😛

      As is your prompt this week hahahaha!!

      Chick: Oh! What a beautiful shade of pink!
      Dude: It’s salmon.
      Chick: Definitely pink.
      Dude: Aggressive salmon.
      Chick: Yummm, sushi.
      Dude: You’re weird.
      Chick: You’re the one with a pink shirt.
      Dude: (grumbles) Salmon.

      1. Haha, thanks for my pink themed scene, Mistress Ann, I loved it!!

        Maybe next week I’ll give you a black themed prompt!

  2. Someone steal that pen! They can’t get divorced!!

    hahaha. Don’t break my heart, Mistress Ann. Just don’t do it.

    Prompt: Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock. (We’re watching nursery rhymes again. hehehe)

    1. Iz: I need a pen.
      Slick: We don’t do pens.
      Iz: Huh?
      Slick: We f*ck women, spend money, and kill people. Who has time for pens?
      Iz: (rolls eyes and sticks finger up unnamed anti-hero’s bloody nose)
      Slick: WTF are you doing?
      Iz: Borrowing some ink.
      Unnamed anti-hero: (silently glares)
      Iz: Thanks, buddy.
      Slick: Still confused here.
      Iz: (signs divorce papers in hubby’s blood)
      Slick: Damn.

      Ain’t nobody need a pen 😉 Thank youuu for the prompt, Queen Amanda! I always LOL at the kid-friendly ones. Then I wanna do big, bad things to em…

      Hugs while madly laughing,

      1. Figures you wouldn’t need a pen! lol

        And yeah, nursery rhymes are awesome. Maybe one of these days I’ll be watching a horror movie of some kind, but maybe not. That might kinda weird to watch in the mornings with the kids. hahaha

        1. Kid: What’s that, Mom?
          Mom: Rasberry jam.
          Kid: Why is it coming outta his eyeballs?
          Mom: Cuz he didn’t eat his veggies.
          Kid: That doesn’t even make sense!
          Mom: (switches back to Spongebob)

  3. They’re getting divorce? But… WHY???

    Let me see… next week’s prompt… “I’ll either have to kill you, or myself.”

    1. Hmm. Could be cuz of the whole I-betrayed-my-hubby-and-almost-got-him-killed thing. Or the whole I-kill-people-and-stabbed-my-wife thing. Or…

      Maybe they’ll get couple’s counseling 😛 Annnd thank you oodles for that prompt, Matt!!!


      1. Yeah, that would do it. Reminds me of Gross Pointe Blank, where John Cusack shoots a man and smashes his head with an iron skillet. As he wipes the blood from his face, he turns to the woman he loves and says, “Debbie, I am in love with you, and I know we can make this relationship work.”

    1. Pfft, of course! I mean, she’s nothing but a gentle, dainty flower, who wouldn’t harm a fly. No? Okay, fine. She’ll probably stab him. Multiple times. 🙂

      Thank you oodles, Mr Nathan!!!

      Big hugs,

  4. Um no. You cannot end this this soon. I will not stand for it. No. no. No. loving every word as usual!

    Not gonna happen

    Since I became one of you

    Bloody poor excuse and you know it

    Those two fingers can do bad things

    I have to…

    You’re just too emotionally invested

    Be the bitch I know you can

    1. But when I kill off all the characters next week…

      Kidding. I think 😂

      Sooo happy you’re digging this storyline, Miss AnRo!! And thank you for the amazeballs prompts, as always!


  5. Why are all these prompts so bloodthirsty & gross?? Why are you all playing into Mistress Ann’s gory fantasies??

    My choices for prompts:
    – unicorns and rainbows
    – as many flavors of ice-cream as you like
    – now, let’s get pissed

    You’re welcome 🙂

    1. Me: Are my fantasies gory?
      Slick: Yeah, they are.
      Me: Is it bad I didn’t notice?
      Slick: Yeah, it is.
      Me: Hey, what’s that you’re eating?
      Slick: Unicorn.
      Me: With rainbow sprinkles on top?
      Slick: Yeah, the sugar helps cut the gaminess.
      Me: That’s why I prefer centaur meat.
      Slick: We’re sick.

      Psst, Miss Bree! Thank youuuu!!!


  6. I am STILL hoping I see more of these characters :'(
    Prompts: 1- “And then there was silence”
    2- “His hand shot out to stop mine” (Yep, I am going to do everything I can to stop this divorce from happening :P)
    3- “Better together than apart, remember?”
    4- “You know he’d rather lose his voice than miss hearing yours again”
    5- “The blast erupted out of nowhere”
    6- “I shoved the gun into his bloodied mouth”
    7- “The sound of bones breaking was like music to my ears”
    8- “And finally I could hug him tightly again”
    9- “The sound of papers ripping brought me back to reality”
    And lastly, “We are going to get our happily ever after because our writer is super awesome and doesn’t want to let us go” 😀

    1. Yamnaaaaaa!!!

      *tackle freakin’ hugs*

      Welcome to the game! Thank you oodles for all the prompts!! Man-oh-man, when you come to play, you don’t mess around, eh? 😀 😀 😀

      Big hugsss,

      P.S. The last suggestion really has a ton of merit but… it’s just a few words over seven 😛

      P.P.S That’s legit the most awkward sentence ever hahaha!!

  7. Freaking amazeballs as usual!!!
    I keep forgetting this part until the last second! I need to put a reminder on my phone! Ergh!! So the prompt I don’t know if you have already done this one or not but Im gonna suggest it anyway! Cuz I can! HAHAHA!
    Prompt: I hate you

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