Disclaimer: These stories have NOT been professionally edited

Darker Devotion

by Braced

Sometimes the lines blur between attraction and obsession. Add a healthy dose of BDSM to the mix and you have a darker devotion.

Disability: Spina Bifida / Genre: Erotic Romance / Status: Complete

A Thousand Sweet Kisses

by DJ Elden

A trip to the farmer’s market sometimes proves to be a new beginning, where lessons are learned, lives come together, and love stories are written and sealed with a kiss.

Disability: Quadriplegia / Genre: Romance / Status: Ongoing

Locke and Key

by Lu5

August, a busy time to be a teacher. Marisol Llaves is single and thinks that nothing is going to change that. Enter 3-year-old Finn Dash and his perpetually late Uncle Locke Glasgow. Has Ms. Llaves found the Locke to fit her key?

Disability: Amputee / Genre: Romance / Status: Ongoing

A Cup of Complicated

by AnRo

Two lives, full of complexities that neither are ready for but are longing to experience. Question is, can they find the understanding to make it work… The definition of complicate reads: composed of elaborately interconnected parts; complex: difficult to analyze, understand and explain.

Disability: Paraplegia / Genre: Romance / Status: PUBLISHED

Computer Programming

by Laura

Val is a shy engineering student who’s having trouble with her computer programming project. Tom is a computer geek that knows just how to help Val with her problem. What he can’t do, is spark some romance between them to save his life. Before he knows it, Val ends up becoming his best friend. How will he work his way out of the dreaded friend zone?

Disability: Blindness / Genre: Romance / Status: Complete

What You Can’t Get Back

by AnRo

Disability: Paraplegia / Genre: Romance / Status: Ongoing